Withdraw Forces from Koodankulam, Army is not meant for crushing peaceful Movement: Former Chief Justice writes to the Defence Minister

We are reproducing below a letter by Justice V R Krishna Aiyer written this morning to Shri A K Antony, the Defence Minister of India:

My Dear Antony,

I have recieved a letter regarding the situation in idinthakarai village, coy of which has been sent to you using the Central Armed Forces to overpower peaceful resistance to the nuclear power project. I have maintained for a long time that our nuclear hostility is the right way and any nuclear project big or small should not be experimented in our country, Solar ever, nuclear never is the right slogan of kerala and Tamil Nadu. Please emphatically withdraw armed forces to break up the peaceful resistance by the people. After all, the defence is to defend the people, not to break up Gandhian satyagraha.

Dear Antony, do your duty by “we, the people of India”, never against them.

With best regards,

V R Krishna Aiyar

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