“The Willing Community”: How Cumbria Nuclear Project Was Stalled By Local Resistance 5 Years Ago

Courtesy: Cumbria Trust

We would like to remind you that today is the 5th anniversary of the memorable occasion on which Cumbria County Council, led by Eddie Martin, voted against going to “Stage Four” of the MRWS search for a suitable area in which to site a Geological Disposal Facility.

You may recall the “Willing” Community video which was produced by Solway Plain Against Nuclear Dump (SPAND), and showed the true strength of feeling in the community of Silloth and the surrounding areas.

As reported by the BBC News on the day:

30th January 2013

Cumbria nuclear project rejected by Councillors

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Radioactive waste can be stored in underground vaults at a depth of between 200m (656ft) and 1,000m (3,280ft)

Plans to look for a site for a £12bn underground nuclear waste store in Cumbria have been rejected.

Cumbria County Council vetoed an advanced “stage four” search for a site for the radioactive waste facility.

The stage included detailed geological investigations and discussions over the social and economic implications.

The Department for Energy and Climate Change said it was “disappointed” but the no vote would not “undermine” the long-term disposal of nuclear waste.

There were huge cheers from environmental campaigners outside the council chamber in Carlisle when the decision was announced.

The 10 members of the county council’s cabinet voted seven to three against continuing with the plans.

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