We should say ‘NO’ to Koodankulam

Piyali Bose

Piyali Bose is a photographer, a tourism student, a nature lover and an activist fighting against Nuclear Power Plant Projects

Piyali can be reached at piyalibosein@yahoo.in

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We should say ‘NO’ to Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant, Some reasons..

1. More than 1 million people live within the 30 kms. radius of the KKNPP which far exceeds the AERB (ATOMIC ENERGY REGULATORY BOARD) stipulations.It is quite impossible to evacuate this many people quickly and efficiently in case of a nuclear disaster will happen at Koodankulam.

2.The low grade waste from KKNPP are going to be dumped into the sea which will have a severe impact on fish production and catch.This will destroy the fishing industry of Tamilnadu and Southern Kerala.

3.When the KKNPP projects function normally without any accidents they would be emitting so many radioactive particles into air,land,crops,cattle,sea and seafood.Already the southern coastal belt is sinking with very high indications of cancer,mental retardation,down syndrome and defective birth.

4.The disaster in FUKUSHIMA on 11 th march,2011 has made it clear to the world that nuclear power plant are prone to natural disaster .In India the fisherfolks and farmers in Jaitapur ,Maharashtra and farmers and residents of Gorakhpur,Haryana are saying ‘NO’ to nuclear power plant in their area.Also the C.M. of West Bengal Mamta Banerjee has stopped the Russian Nuclear Power Plant Project at Haripur in east Midnapur of West

We only need to create opportunities to develop cleaner ,saver and less dangerous forms of electricity generation by saying a big ‘NO’ to dangerous,risky and expensive technologies like Nuclear.

So we should say ‘NO’ to KKNPP because KKNPP is only safe for power hungry politicians who has got money to give the certificate of safety.If adverse things happens power hungry politicians may get shelter in Russia but general people of Tamilnadu have to accept death and tremendous misery.




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