Voices from Social Media in Japan (Mochizuki Iori’s Report from Japan – #2)

Mochizuki Cheshire Iori

A Civil Engineer (27 years old) living in Yokohama. Also exports Japanese pop culture goods.

Fukushima Diary is his daily summary of events as they unfold, also his picks from Japanese media and other social media..

Readers can catch up with him on DiaNuke.org’s Facebook group.

On the main stream of Japanese media, nuclear related news is completely hidden. So people who still have their sanity go on the internet to collect information. Though it’s anonymous, it seems that most of the posts are very trustworthy and sophisticated. I think that’s because those who post info also need trustworthy info for return.Trustworthy info is becoming more like money.
Since the beginning of the week, everyone is threatened by gov’s internet censorship. However,I personally don’t really care about that. Government does not have resource nor technology to do censorship in Japan,so they outsource the task to major advertisement company,such as Dentsu or Hakuhodo. However,in most of the cases,the kind of projects fail,because competition principle is not there.so I am not really afraid of that.

For the same reason,I have been warning all kinds of food are polluted,gov’s test is totally deceiving. Recently, it’s being proved finally. Beef, hay, pork, and every kind of agricultural products turned out to be polluted already.Govt’s test is nothing but lie.Don’t trust their test.

I am more concerned about American default of 8/1. Even though they dodge default, rate of american bond will be decreased,it will cause further increase of interest rate. In case of default,the impact will be much much more than Lehman’s fall. I can not even imagine how the world will be next week. We will see the triple catastrophe of Tsunami compensation,endless nuc fear,and the end of the capitalism.


A monk of a temple in Fukushima is willing to accept contaminated soil.”Dedicating my life for people,it’s what a monk is for.” No local gov nor tepco doesn’t accept the soil.but it couldn’t be left around there. The monk is beyond religion.This is love.


Leaf mold from Tochigi detected 10,700Bq/kg of cesium.


吉田照美@tim1134「枝野官房長官が『線量計を付けないで従事している作業員を誇りに思う』って何考えてんだろうね」 上杉「まあ、完全に海江田大臣は原子力マフィアに牛耳られちゃいましたね」

Edano,chief cabinet secretary “I can’t understand what Kaieda,minister of economy was thinking to comment,he was proud of the nuc workers who don’t use Geiger counter because the radiation level is too high.”
Uesugi,free journalist,”well,he’s totally possessed by nuc mafia.”


竹内 容堂
お子さんの尿検査スタート! 尿のベクレル数を検査出来ます! 受付.検査 株)bambooforest tel 024-529-5078 受付時間: 12:00〜17:00 受付開始は、7月27日から! #hibaku #genpatsu

Children urinary test
Phone 024-529-5078



Cesium beef was sold at Sotetsu rosen,6 branches such as Mitsukyo,Ryokuentoshi..
Fuji citio sold cesium beef at 45 branches too.

“Parents are hysteric to try to save their children.Radiation threat is only a hype of internet.”



Amano ,IAEA chief,comments,Fukushima will decrease the pace but nuc plants will keep increasing,which is needed for global warming.




Most of the reason not to evacuate from Fukushima→”Kids may be bullied”
but actually I have never heard anyone bullied in Kanto area.


Japan”Import Japanese agricultural products.”→Russia”Japanese monitoring system isn’t accurate,and radiation causes long term effects.We have the right to know how the pollution is going on.”


そんな企業に税金投入!RT @neneyu 7/27赤旗15面【被害農家に「送電停止」】冷酷通告 群馬前橋市のキノコ栽培農家 風評で700万以上収入減、電気料金三ヶ月分75万円を滞納 「農家に被害を与えた東電は、支払い猶予すべき」http://twitpic.com/5wbbel

Mashroom farmer lost 7,000,000JPY income because of radiation→3months behind the power bill→Tepco stopped power.



Emeritus professor from Tokyo university “Milk cow don’t have hay” on an NHK TV show→They actually have it everyday.



My son is the only one to wear a mask and reject drnking milk,he’s bullied by the classmate.He has a lot of the things stolen or broken. @Ibaraki


Food Safety Commission ignores the data of Chernobyl to determine 100mSv/life rule.”The data isn’t trust worthy.”

1,600 Fukushima workers have been exposed to more than 50mSv in total.

Kyushu power company has taken their own employees to town meetings at least 6 times for these 7 years.They gave hundreds of the employees paid holiday,took them to the meeting place by company’s bus.


Mutated sun flower in Tochigiken Mooka shi.3 flowers coming out of one “stem”. and there are 4 more like this.These were planted just after 311.

Korean media “Japanese legal “safety” limit for cesium is 62~125 times higher than Germany. It’s un understandable that Japanese people are not angry for the government.”

Fukushima workers have historically been exposed to more radiation by 73% than other nuc workers in these 10 years.and Tepco evaluated Fukushima is the third worst dangerous nuc plant in the world according to their confidential material.


うっ RT @hanaaoi: 報道ステーション。養鶏場の男性が鶏卵を放射能測定(民間)をしてもらったら卵黄部分が60ベクレル。「日本の暫定基準なら大丈夫だけど、ウクライナならアウト。日本の基準は高すぎるから・・・」と困惑顔。こういう誠実な考えを持っている人が苦しんでいるんだな。

60Bq/kg from egg,which is over the “safety” limit in Ukraine but ok in Japan.


Fried chicken of the convenient store chain,Family mart is all manufactured in Thailand.

[For Japanese readers] Instruction of how to minimize your radiation dose.


[Important] Comparison of the radiation check results.
Test of a private institution>ALL of the agricultural products in Fukushima detected radiation. Max;164Bq/kg Blueberry ,Min;4Bq/kg Green onion
Test of Farm ministry>Most of them are “Not Detectable”



Today,they went to the second and third floor of reactor 3 for the first time after 311,which means,they haven’t even checked what is going on above the second floor having declaring “Step 1 is done”.
Radiation level is 75mSv/h.



In Chernobyl,there were 100 of the hot spots in 350km area,which includes the whole Kanagawa prefecture in Japan.
In 200km area,still a lot of the school kids are suffering from internal exposure because of food.


Cesium beef were served at 52 schools for school lunch.23,000dishes were consumed.

List of the politician who received money from power companies.

M3.7 near Kashiwazaki Kariwa nuc plant in Niigata.

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