Urgent Update from Chernobyl: Nuclear Facilities Lost Access to the Electricity Grid

Olga Kosharna

Due to combat actions, Emergency disconnection of high-voltage power transmission line 750kV “Kievskaya-ChNPP” occurred on 09.03.2022 at 11:22. ChNPP and all nuclear facilities inside the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone – SNFSF-1, SNFSF-2 and the New Safe Confinement – remain depowered.

SNFSF-1 is the wet-type storage facility for the spent nuclear fuel from ChNPP RBMK reactors. SNFSF-2 is the dry-type storage facility for the SNF from ChNPP.

Emergency diesel-generators have been put in operation to provide power supply for systems important for safety. Diesel fuel stored there will suffice for 48 hours of operation.

Over 20 thousand RBMK spent fuel assemblies are stored in the SNFSF-1 spent fuel pond (SFP). To remove the residual heat, cool-down of these FA’s is required; this was provided by operation of pumps. When pumps are not in operation, the residual heat is not removed and water can start boiling in the SFP, which would result in the radioactive steam arising and the FA’s further melting, which could cause a severe accident. Provided non-operating ventilation systems, personnel irradiation dose will increase and radioactive gases and effluents will be spread not only over the territory of Ukraine, but also over Byelorussia and the RF.

When ventilation is not assured inside the NSC, radiation level there will increase to a level hazardous for personnel.

Absence of power supply will not impact operation of SNFSF-2, as the concrete containers are installed inside the concrete modules and are cooled-down by natural ventilation.

Actions of Russian invaders are a crime and are subject to Clause 2 of the International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism, as well as to Clause 7 of the Convention for the protection of Nuclear Material (RF is the Party to both these Conventions), which should result in imposing strict sanctions by the world community and, with regard to the gravity of the crime, the criminal prosecution of those who performed these actions and of the terrorist state – the Russian Federation. .

Unfortunately, IAEA demonstrates complete impotence in the situation when the nuclear facilities are captured in Ukraine and only limits its actions to appeals to the RF, not even calling the RF the nuclear terrorist state. It is necessary to initiate criminal proceedings in international courts and hold the RF accountable for crimes. It is also required to impose sanctions on Rosatom and expel the RF from all world-wide and European unions.

Catastrophe is close and we don’t have much time.

Nuclear specialists worldwide, unite and put pressure on your governments to prevent another Fukushima-type accident!!!


About the author

Dr. Olga Kosharna (olga_kosharna@ukr.net, tel +380673991102) is a nuclear power and safety expert, affiliated with Ukrainian nuclear Society, Kyiv

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