URGENT ALERT: Koodankulam to be critical tonight, let’s rise in protest

death of democracyIn utter disregard for the SC orders AERB/NPCIL have started the commissioning process and have announced attainment of criticality in the next few hours even before the judges have opened the sealed cover and read the Report. God alone knows what is in the Report because everything is being done in utter secrecy with the intention of presenting fait accompli to the SC!

Please see the Link.

This has caused huge consternation and fear among the population living near KKNPP including those in Kanyakumari, which is about 18 kms away as the crow flies. They even talk of their possible death and destruction in the near future. By Dr. Srinivasan’s own admission Control & Instrumentation system is yet to be tested. According to Dr. Gopalakrishnan, doing so after attaining criticality could be extremely risky because the proper functioning of these systems is most essentiall for preventing accidents and ensuring ‘public safety’ on which SC had laid huge emphasis.

The question now being asked are:

1. Whether project affected people have to spend the rest of their lives staring death at its face?

2. Is this what the Constitution guarantees for the citizens of this country?

3. What is the SC for-safeguarding fundamental rights of life and livelihood of citizens or serenading ‘nuclear power for development’?





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