Urgent Action Alert: Stop Police Repression in Koodankulam

Action Alert II

September 10, 2011; 6:15 PM

Some 500 women in Koodankulam village are still blocking the road demanding immediate release of the people who have been arrested. They are also asking the police to give permission in writing to undertake the hunger strike at Idinthakarai village tomorrow. People in Koodankulam are ringing the bells in churches and Hindu temples to gather more people.The police is insisting that five important people of the movement should go to the Koodankulam police station for talks and threatening to foist serious cases on the women protesters. We do not know what the police is up to right now. We earnestly hope they would not unleash any violence on the women protesters. Please call the Koodankulam police at 91-4637-250150 and the Deputy Superintendent of Police at 91-9487871001 to release all the arrested men and grant us permission to undertake our nonviolent campaign. Thank you for your solidarity and support.

No Police Repression against Peaceful Protestors at Koodankolam…please call / SMS to DSP 91-9487871001, Revenue Divisional Officer (91-9445000477) and Additional Superintendent of Police (91-9443080518)

Action Alert

September 10, 2011; 3:30 PM

The local police has been harassing and hounding the public. They have been arresting people at Koodankulam since day before yesterday to stop the massive hunger strike planned for September 11, 2011 at Idinthakarai village. Since the arresting spree of the Tamil Nadu police continues and have arrested five people this morning, the Koodankulam women have plunged into action. They are blocking the traffic on the main road near the Koodankulam bus stand.
There is so much tension in and around Koodankulam. The police is determined to foil the hunger strike planned for tomorrow.

Please call the Revenue Divisional Officer (91-9445000477) and Additional Superintendent of Police (91-9443080518) to stop this harassment and respect our Constitutional right to protest against the dangerous nuclear power plant at Koodankulam. Please help us save our children and grandchildren.

S. P. Udayakumar
People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy

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