Uranium Blues: an anti-nuclear rap from India that you must listen

Courtesy: AListRap

March 11th 2011- Fukushima Nuclear Disaster. On the same day 3 years later, AListRap presented anti-nuclear anthem- “Uranium Blues”.

An experimental track fusing hip hop with blues. Produced by Gairik Sarkar with Arinjoy on the electric guitar. Recorded at NotSoAbsolute Studios.


Many died, more will, look at these hoodlums,
Make a Chernobyl out of Kudunkulum,
These fools can’t see what this might be,
Took one Tsunami in Fukushima Daichi,
Don’t incite me, make me take over the station,
What of Atomic Energy Board Stipulation?
Are they evil or just crazy thugs,
There’s a million people in the radius!
Who can we trust, don’t know what they smoke or drink,
Hear nefarious statements from Manmohan Singh,
About NGO’s with Scandinavian origin,
This indian emcee flows, your cranium rots in,
Uranium Doctrine, engraved on your coffin,
They say that it stays, we say that it’s stopping,
Safety secured? Look at facts and see,
Remember Bhopal Gas Tragedy?
Our people rotted for days, all the torture it’s linked with,
Union Carbide got away, DOW sponsors Olympics
DOW sponsors Olympics

Your nerves hurt, your cranium too,
This right here is Uranium Blues,
Uranium Blues
Uranium Blues

What eludes the state, these fools never see,
Key to be great- renewable energy,
Solar in nature or windmill, it could work,
Need money that’s major into research,
Due to your lack of inspiration in dome,
They suffer acute radiation syndrome,
Who does your voice answer to?
Do you know what Thyroid Cancer do?
Don’t know what PHD’s with Masters are thinking,
Ignore the neurovascular symptoms,
This can’t be the way so act with haste,
They say it’s safe for radioactive waste,
Safe disposal is a joke in corporate sector,
Nobody goes broke, not even inspectors,
When this bar’s done, they’ll claim it’s a lie,
Go to Jharkand, check uranium mines,
Uranium Mines.

Your nerves hurt, your cranium too,
This right here is Uranium Blues,
Uranium Blues
Uranium Blues

Don’t need to cheer Pakistan for sedition arrest,
Take a stand, be calm, their condition is vexed,
Won’t listen or rest, you see it’s bent,
Mission to arrest any and all dissent,
7000 arrested, charged with war on the state,
Not for debate, it’s all very fake,
What connects us is the fear, never free,
The nexus for nuclear energy,
They want to stop the plot, they observe and see,
Got it locked out in Germany,
Two Hundred Thousand on the street, it’s true,
Before movement arouses and speaks to you,
And speaks to me, they want to contain the truth,
So join as we sing Uranium Blues,
From Jaitapur to Tarapur,
Every one of the scars are true,
Same situation, the scars stay deep,
The radiation runs in Thane creek,
Genetic mutation, disease in the mine,
An emcee with a rhyme, what I speak is the crime,
Court disrespects struggle of people,
All for a check, the hustle is evil,
Crappy wordplay, you claim it is great,
Happy Birthday! Here’s uranium cake!
Eat that shit till it stays in your spine,
Now tell me quick if radiation is fine,
If radiation is fine,
Well, is radiation fine?

Your nerves hurt, your cranium too,
This right here is Uranium Blues,
Uranium Blues
Uranium Blues

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