Update: German anti-nuke activist Hanna Poddig harassed further after arrest

Dear friends,

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for the solidarities you extended from across the world with anti-nuke activist Hanna Poddig, who was jailed in Germany for blocking a nuclear transport. We would like to update you about the harrassment that Hanna is being exposed to:

  • Her lawyer was not allowed to visit her.
  • Her cell is searched at will.
  • Incoming and outgoing post is controlled.
  • She is not allowed to use envelopes to write letters she brought with her.
  • After ten days vegan food was denied, as “too expensive”

On 24 May, a solidarity concert took place on a nearby hill of the jail, when Hanna asked if she could hear the concert answered with yes, she was put into a cold cell in the cellar for hours.

For unknown reason Hanna was brought to another prison on May 30th. Her new address, where solidarities and support can be sent, is:

Hanna Poddig
JVA für Frauen
An der Probstei 10
49377 Vechta





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