To You~Letters from Hibakusha~アニメーションで伝える『ヒバクシャからの手紙』

On August the 6th, 1945, an Atomic Bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. NHK Hiroshima Broadcasting Corporation sent out an appeal for accounts from Atomic Bomb survivors. 2,200 letters arrived. It is now 73 years since the bomb was dropped and the survivors are growing older and older. In order to communicate their stories to the younger generations, these letters have been used to make animations.

Searching for his first love, this letter is a description of a young boy walking around the city shortly after the bomb was dropped. This is a dramatization of his letter, beginning with heartwarming episodes before the dropping of the bomb.

NHK広島放送局が2007年から放送してきた「ヒバクシャからの手紙」に寄せられた2,200通をこえる原爆体験記。この貴重な手紙に記された思いをより幅広い世代・海外の人々に伝えるため、アニメーションで映像化しました。手紙を通して原爆や戦争に向き合うのはプロのアニメ作家や海外のクリエーター、 広島の学生たち。 「ヒバクシャからの手紙」に新たな生命を吹き込み、あの日の記憶を次世代へと語り継ぎます。


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