“This is not only in Japan.” (Mochizuki Iori’s daily column from Japan – August 12, 2011)


Mochizuki Cheshire Iori

A Civil Engineer (27 years old) living in Yokohama. Also exports Japanese pop culture goods.

Fukushima Diary is his daily summary of events as they unfold, also his picks from Japanese media and other social media..

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Today,they revealed that cabinet knew meltdown was happening,serious amount of radiation was already leaking just after the earthquake,but they kept people stay near nuclear plants and let them seriously exposed.and chief secretary of cabinet, Edano even announced radiation is not leaking.
Also, Tepco’s employees and their family dominated all the buses from Fukushima to evacuate just after 311,other people had no clue to evacuate.

They also blew a whistle that chief secretary of cabinet ,Edano had his family evacuate to Singapore just after 311. According to the leaked information, Edano le family went to a hospital to check if they were not exposed to radiation,so their diagnose record remained there.

However, Edano claims that’s totally a lie,he will sue the person who spread the rumor.

However again,looking at how many people and potential lives are forced to die because of his dishonesty,it’s clear who is more guilty.

I am writing this to make you angry for Japanese government.and I want you to be angry for your own country too.

UK government is trying to shut down the access to SNS and SMS. However, shutting down the access to SNS and SMS is against international law. London riots might have robbed shops and hurt people,but the thief is the British government who stole power from the people, dominated economy,exploited money,chance,and future from young people.They are the criminal,they are the biggest mafia.
If they are given the right to judge riot,riot must be given the right to judge the government.

This is not only in England and Japan.When nuc accident happened in Nebraska,Obama officially declared information blackout.and 1 month later,they conducted nuclear test.

You may find Japanese government murderer,but so is yours.

What do you do ?







News Reports

[Tepco in summer vacation]

Emergency team of Tepco and the cabinet will not have weekly interviews because they are in summer vacation.


[No summer vacation] Hokkaido mayor Takahashi Harumi is going to re-start Tomaru genpatu next week.
“No time to have a summer vacation.We need to re-start it soon as possible.”


[Hot spot] @meltdown_now

In front of Sekiya elementary school, Nasu Shiobara shi.1.42uSv/h.Hotspot.
They should consider evacuating.(checked by Kodansha)


[Not a joke] 2500 Fukushima farmers demonstrated in front of Tepco.
Agricultural associations in Fukushima claimed that they are not paid compensation fully yet,though they can’t sell their products,need to pay for decontamination,growing crops are also likely to be polluted.

I really am sorry for them.I can not see any future for them,at least as farmers in Fukushima.


[Group evacuation from Kanto] 7/26/2011,first 60 people evacuated from Kanto area to Kyushu. This is a spontaneous evacuation,independent from government.


[Petition(obligation)] Petition(obligation) to require Japanese pm and cabinet to save animals left in the evacuating area.

Personally speaking,I have two turtles and love cats.I can not put up with seeing them dying of starvation and contamination.



[Never give up] Jap gov is trying to shift from nuc power to small reactor because of the anti-nuc public opinion.

Nuc is nuc.



[Power is over supply] In April,they already knew we didn’t need to save power even though they stop all the nuc plants.Tepco ended up giving 2 million KW to Tohoku power company.



[Serious contamination in Iwate] In Kyoto,they have the traditional custom to burn firewood in the mountains.
However,they detected 1130Bq/kg of cesium from the firewood,which came from Iwate.
They will not burn the firewood.



[Invention] Japanese chub mackerel has no demand because of contamination ,so Korean company imported cheap chub mackerel from Japan and export it to Japan again ,by labeling “From Korea”.



[Children are beautiful] @s_kiyoe
「大家族ごっこ」キャンプの最終プログラムは語り合いの時間。テーマは【日本を良くするために自分達が出来ることは何ですか?】福島の小4男児の意見。「僕はそう思わないよって言うようにする」 bit.ly/fHa4pR

Camping to accept Fukushima children is coming to the end.We asked the kids, what you think we could do to make Japan better.
A 9 years old boy said ,”I’ll say,[I don’t agree with you],when I hear something I can’t agree to.”



[For Japanese readers] List of the policy against contaminated food of each convenient store chain.
Most of them accept government’s “safety” limit,no independent check.



[Deception] GE pointed out there are two mistakes in the calculation of earthquake-proof safety at Fukushima daini ,unit 2.
GE warned them on 3/9 and 7/25 again.

And,a nuc workers was working “at midnight” on 8/12,one hour later,at 1:00 AM,he was sent to a hospital for heat stroke.
Heat stroke at night is not common.


[Save Fukushima children] In Hiroshima,they set up a committee to accept Fukushima children evacuating from Fukushima.



[Too young to die] International rescue dog died of pneumonia.He was only 4 years old.
He was helping us rescue in Sendai since 311.
Some people are suspecting that he breathed too much radioactive plumes in his mission.



[A journalist turned out to have internal exposure] 7/8/2011,A journalist of Weekly asahi had a WBC check to make a report about how it is.
and he turned out to have internal exposure.

There are only 100 facility of WBC in Japan,and one of them is in Hiroshima university.
He visited there.
It was in the basement floor,surrounded 15cm think metal wall.
He was asked to sit on the chair and stay still for hours.
Before having the test,the doctor told him,maybe he’s clean because he didn’t visit Fukushima just after 311 though he’s been there for 40 days in total.However,he didn’t get into 20km area.

The test ended when the doctor came into the room and he told him,he detected cesium.

He talked to himself,”Knowing the fact is better than knowing nothing,but what should I do then ?”


[Group evacuation] Hokkaido is accepting family with children from Fukushima.
They will cover the cost of transporting,
No rent until 3/31/2013
Rental furniture
Simplifying moving process of school.
Departure ; 9/5/2011

Click to access kibounodaichi.pdf


[Faster than their calculation] They found cesium has already sunk into 15cm deep underground in the rice field of Koriyama shi.
They need to change the whole soil up to 15cm depth at least.



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