The Power of Promise [M V Ramana]: Reviews, Excerpt and Interviews


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Nuclear El Dorado only a promise
[The New Indian Express]

Nuclear Energy in India: A Story of Unkept Promises
[Economic and Political Weekly]

Straight Talk: The Promise of Power
[Value Research Online]

Nuclear energy, media & murder
[Sunday Tribune]

Understanding the Empty Promises of Nuclear Energy

Critical Conundrum
[Outlook Magazine]

Pre-Publication Review by Amitav Ghosh



LATEST: Author’s Response to the Review in THE FRONTLINE

Thank you for carrying the review of my book “The Power of Promise: Examining Nuclear Energy in India” by Prof. T. R.Govindarajan (“Nuclear questions”, May 17). I believe nuclear power is contentious and so understand his alternate view. That said, I would like to clarify some points on which the review misrepresents my arguments. [Click here for more]

Examining Nuclear Energy in India: A Conversation with M V Ramana

Half truths and False Promises

Examining Nuclear Energy in India: M V Ramana

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