The Marcoule effect on France

Fabrice B. French author of the blog Jarretelenucleaire to encourage the French to choose renewable electricity to stop the nuclear industry. Translation Courtesy – Dalel benbabaali


Yesterday at lunch time, the French learnt that a blast occurred in a nuclear site at Marcoule. Immediately, the word “explosion” reminded people of Fukushima pictures six months ago. Trying to get information by all means including the Internet, the French quickly saturated the official sites giving instructions to the population.

To reassure the French, all media have announced the official statement saying that it was not a nuclear plant with a reactor but a furnace used to burn “nuclear waste”.

The term “nuclear waste” is supposed to generate less anxiety than the term “radioactive waste”. This term was taken up by many media including BFMTV. Some journalists, including of EuroNews, were speaking of recycling nuclear waste. The media, in this kind of nuclear accident, are totally dependent on government information.

Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, the Environment Minister, came to defend nuclear technology at the site by reciting with much effort the text she had memorized before …

6 hours after the crisis, everything was back to normal. Get out, there’s nothing to see. Result: 1 dead and 4 injured. The nuclear industry can continue its work …

The French nonetheless discovered that radioactive waste was burnt in ovens! Today, 3 out of 4 French want to abandon nuclear power but the rulers are deaf. Hopefully the 2012 presidential elections will pave the way towards a nuclear phase-out with a coalition of environmentalists and socialists.

It is the duty of the French to stop the nuclear spread of EDF and Areva around the world (India, China, Morocco, Algeria, Libya…). The world is watching France and it is up to the French to prevent their country to be a poison for humanity.



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