The Bear-trap

By Ray Masalas. July 9th, 2011

Ray Masalas on Fukushima media cover-up in the West and what actually it might cost us

Ray Masalas

Have you ever accidentally stepped into a bear-trap, while walking in the woods?

I am an Artist, my wife and I live in small town, Ontario, Canada. On March 11th 2011, I was happily working on a portrait of two darling young sisters when the earth shook in Japan. I put down my brushes and went to the computer to investigate. I haven’t been able to get back to my portrait yet, as the jaws of Fukushima have me.

The media only told me part of the story. They concentrated on the earth-quake and Tsunami, saying very little on the condition of their reactors at several nuclear plants. It soon became apparent to me that reactor #1 at Fukushima Daiichi was in the most trouble. The 4 explosions at the reactors and spent fuel pools came next, but we have only been shown film of reactors number 1 and number 3 exploding. Film of explosions from reactors number 2 and 4 has never been released to the public. There are problems with reactors 5 and 6, but the state of danger has not been re¬leased. Even living miles away, we stocked up on food, water and other supplies, to be on the safe side. Then, the silence began. Japan kept insisting the West was blowing the entire disaster out of proportion and those poor Japanese people, who trusted and believed their leaders. Desperate for current information, I scanned the web, and found some people in the know, discussing this devastation.

Our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper turned off all radiation monitoring March 17th just as the plume hit the West coast and we started limiting our time outdoors shortly after that. Milk in the San Francisco area measured 2400% above legal limits. Then, worldwide weather models showing plumes of poison blowing on the jet stream across the world were being deleted from the web, one by one. In April, the US EPA stopped testing and announced there was no need. Then, various other countries started raising acceptable limits on how much radiation was safe, while at the same time assuring us that none was coming here. They raised our exposure limits, but on our news, only the Royal Wedding! We knew there were at least 3 reactors in meltdown by late March, but nobody else did. I was watching neutron beams shooting out of a blown up reactor on the Live-Cam and the media had left folks with the impression that the explosions were non-nuclear and under control. At that point the rift between the few curious concerned “people who know” and the other “vast majority who were watching Charlie Sheen.” took on nightmare proportions!

I need to stop and give credit to all smart, incredibly talented people, out there on the web, who contribute their time and skills, so that we can understand the scope of this disaster. I have been in awe, watching these people dissect and decipher scrapes of information and turn it into complete knowledge. When they need a Japanese translator one jumps in, need a blast engineer, one jumps in. Raw fly by footage broken down into still photographs and enlarged, even removing fog is no problem. Examining heat signatures and pouring over every scrap of information of the blue prints of the Fukushima building sites, I saw the mathematicians start dropping the scary numbers. Fukushima = 2000 Hiroshima bombs. Fuku-shima = more than all atomic bomb testing on earth, with Three Mile Island and Chernobyl combined. Chernobyl was 185 tons, no MOX, capped in 18 days. Fukushima 4300 tons on site, plus MOX, still spewing, 24 / 7 after 6 months. {MOX fuel is enriched plutonium} so it’s even more cancer causing than regular nuclear fuel. The mathematicians scare the hell out me. The fact that all 6 reactors have spent fuel pools above them scares the hell out of me. Isn’t that like storing dynamite on your wood stove? Insane!

But wait, there is more! In order to maximize profits, nuclear energy companies had regulators change laws to allow greater storage of spent fuel rods in outdoor fuel pools as opposed to storing them in cement dry casks costing a million dollars each. The population is not worth the money? Prior to the disaster the international watchdogs had just raised their allotment of tons of spent fuel rod bundles. There is a giant communal fuel pool at Fukushima that has spent fuel rods from all six reactors. That means more MOX! At least 3 blown reactors and 4 spent fuel pools are now using the Pacific Ocean as a cooling tank. How much of the Pacific will be a dead-zone, who knows? Everyday 1000s of tons of additional radioactive water flows out. By May, the reason for the worldwide media blackout be-came clear, there is no plan anywhere in the world to deal with multiple melt-downs, you heard me, “No plan, never has been!” Just like the tons of nu-clear waste being stored around the world. Since the 1050’s, they’ve been saying “We’ll think of something later!” If the Fukushima reactors had been built 20 miles apart, they could have dealt with them, but in a cluster the radioactive environment is just too lethal.

This secret had to be kept from the public at all cost. Everyone has a [cluster] of nuclear plants somewhere near them and what if people knew nuclear plants were built without taking into account a “worst case scenario?” What if people knew that nuclear plants have released more radio-active waste than their own rules permit and have no sane right to exist? You wouldn’t let some big slob dump toxic waste in your backyard and then send you a bill, would you? People in Seattle were breathing in 5 nuclear cancer-causing particles an hour, in late March. Half the amount as the people in Tokyo. What if people knew their highly paid watchdogs, scientists, and politicians, had put their children and their children’s children in extreme jeopardy, just to make a buck? You wouldn’t let someone come into your home and shoot your children, and bill you for the bullets, would you? Why is nuclear any different, just because the damage takes a few years to show up? Since March, infant mortality has spiked in Philadelphia, Seattle, Olympia, and Vancouver. What if people knew these extermination ma-chines could be replaced with a couple panels on your roof, for a safe world and yes, regular people would get some income being part of this grid? What if YOU knew? Now you do, now the bear trap is on your leg too and the next one will finish us! I have e-mailed, typed up a report to hand out and met like-minded folks on the web. Now it’s your turn. Get Active.


Ray Masalas lives in Ontario, Canada. He is a talented painter, inspirational activist and can do anything with a tree. A life long Nuclear Power opponent.


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