Tell the truth about Koodankulam – a letter to the Russian Ambassador in India

Your Excellency Mr. Alexander Kadakin:

We saw a statement from you yesterday saying that the Koodankulam nuclear power project is the best and the safest in the world and that your country would sell some 22 more plants to India. But today we hear that the turbine is not working at Koodankulam. The turbines you had supplied to China (Tianwan) and to Iran (Busher) had serious problems also, and your country changed those turbines. Do you know anything about what is going on here at Koodankulam? Why are your friends at the KKNPP buying and burning so much oil? Why is the commercial operation of KKNPP-1 delayed for more than a year? We hear that there are problems not only in the turbine but also in the reactor core. Please tell all the truth you know about this Koodankulam project, Mr. Ambassador!

[If other Indian citizens want to ask these and other questions to H.E. The Ambassador of Russia, please use the following coordinates. And do use a respectful language please!] Email:
Phones: (91-11) 26873799; 26889160; 26873802; 26110640/41/42
Fax: (91-11) 26876823

People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy
Idinthakarai 627 104
Tirunelveli District
Tamil Nadu, India
[Coordinator: S. P. Udayakumar]

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