Tarapur to Jaitapur: Yatra Diary




updates from Soumya Datta


April 25, 2011

5.19 pm

We are being arrested at Mahad- famous for Dr. Ambedkar. Just completed a large public meeting and rally here. Its third detainment in 3 days. Some part went to Jaitapur.

11.34 am

Anti-nuclear yatra day 3  started 10 am. Moving to Mangaon on way to Ratnagiri. 90 people in Yatra.



April 24, 2011

130 Detained at Tarapur 23 aftenoon. Released Late night. 300 people in tarapur meeting. Evening meeting at Thne with 500-600 people. 100+ police encircling us. Morning meeting at Pen. Raigad. 12 people arrested again. 4 of us sneaked out again for next public meeting. And next planning meeting