Tarapur to Jaitapur Yatra: Bizarre Acts of State Intervention and Repression: An Update


Sukla Sen











(Protest in Jaitapur- file photo)

Yesterday, a three-day Tarapur-Jaitapur anti-nuclear plant yatra was stopped the moment it began and hundreds of activists were detained at the Boisar police station.

Activists and supporters, including Admiral (retd) L Ramdas, Justices (retd) P.B. Sawant and B G Kolse-Patil, social activist Vaishali Patil and others were whisked away in police vans from Panchmarg Tarapur, where they had addressed a public meeting in the morning. They were brought to the Boisar police station around 4.30 p.m. In all 134 protestors were detained under Section 68 of the Bombay Police Act.

While Justices Patil and Sawant were released soon after, the rest continued to be in detention till late evening, around 10 p.m.

After being released in late evening, all the protestors in 2 buses left for Panvel. But about 40 kms. beyond Thane, at Ghorbunder, the owner of one of the two buses asked its driver to return and then he himself came on his mortorcycle to take the bus back. Then all the activists had to shift to the other bus at the middle of night.

Thereafter they arrived at the Yusuf Meherally Centre near Panvel. In the early morning, the second bus driver also left refusing to proceed any further.

Now in Penn, 19 people including a local MLA have been detained

A silent morcha with the rest of the protestors is progressing towards the Penn Naka, and after reaching there a decision will be taken for further course of action.


P.S.: Please call up 02143 269033, the Vadkhal police station, demanding the release of the 19 detained.





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