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Some dancers pause to laugh during the Vermont Yankee Unplugged victory party at St. James Episcopal Church in Greenfield on Saturday as photos from the past decades-worth of protests are projected on a wall in front of them. Recorder/Micky Bedell

Vermont-Yankee: a closing celebration

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Though the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station’s days of generating energy ended last week, members of the various grass-roots groups that have spent decades fighting to have it closed spent Saturday night putting out some energy of their own during a victory party in Greenfield.

Long-opposed nuclear reactor in Vermont shuts down

Long-opposed nuclear reactor in Vermont shuts down

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Supporters brace for income hit to town; longtime foes uneasy about its spent fuel. The nuclear reactor of the Vermont Yankee nuclear-power plant was shut down last week after operating for more than 40 years.

The Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant. Photograph: Mr Bruno/flickr

Vermont shuts down nuclear power plant, makes way for renewable

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Vermont’s only nuclear power plant stopped sending electricity to the New England grid Monday following more than 42 years of producing electricity. The shutdown came just after noon as the Vermont Yankee plant completed its 30th operating cycle when workers inserted control rods into the reactor core and stopped the nuclear reaction process, the plant’s owner said.

Shutting Down Vermont Yankee: Struggles Ahead

Shutting Down Vermont Yankee: Struggles Ahead

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Communities celebrate, but demand corporate owners be held accountable for safe decomissioning process and ‘just transition’ for workers.