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Agnu Murmu spoke to Al Jazeera about the crisis days before he died of cancer [Sanjay Pandey/Al Jazeera]

Jadugoda: uranium mining fuels health crisis

“The government and the company don’t give a damn whether the tribal people live or die,” said Ghanshyam Birulee. “The government is treating us as guinea pigs to fulfill its greed for Uranium.”

Jadugoda Radiation: UCIL in Complete Denial

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The recently organised UCIL seminar was quite contrary to the way it was promoted as it turned out to be a covert event conducted under high security and no one was allowed to enter the premises without the pass. When students and members of the JOAR tried to attend the seminar, they were prohibited and even became target of threat by the Intelligence Officials.

India’s Nuclear Power Problem

India’s Nuclear Power Problem

The Indian government would be wise to reconsider its vision of nuclear energy so that it does not seem limited to simply getting its technology right.

Uranium Mining in Gogi, Karnataka: A Report

Uranium Mining in Gogi, Karnataka: A Report

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Gogi: Central Ambitions and State Responsibilities Arati Chokshi   Background: Responding to India’s aggressive nuclear expansionist policy, and the resulting high demands on the necessary fuel supply of Uranium-235, Uranium Corporation India Limited, UCIL, in 2007, initiated a project for mining Uranium in Gogi village, of Yadgir District in Karnataka.Read More