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Uranium Mine Killing Livelihoods and Health: A Ground Report from Tummalapalle, Andhra Pradesh

Uranium Mine Killing Livelihoods and Health: A Ground Report from Tummalapalle, Andhra Pradesh

Uranium Mining March 4, 2018 at 4:41 am 0 comments

“Take photos and videos… and tell them what has this factory has done to our lives,” says an angry L Gangulavva (50) as she collects water from a tanker at KK Kotala village in Andhra Pradesh.

During the milling process, a huge amount of nuclear waste in liquid form, or slurry, is left behind, which is expelled into the tailings ponds through long pipelines that pass through the villages. UCIL has erected signboards to warn people about the pond, which can be seen in the background. PHOTO: Chinky Shukla

UCIL Expands Uranium Mines in Jadugoda: Will The People’s Misery Ever End?

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The UCIL has not taken accepted reports about the apparent health hazards resulting out of the mining activities. In the company’s “Myth of UCIL” web page, it notes that studies and reports addressing the concern “mention stories of human interest invariably spiced with melancholy and drama using telling pictures of human sufferings to condition the viewer.” It further reads, “The disease prevalent in the villages around the UCIL workings are not due to radiation but attributed to malnutrition, malaria and unhygienic living conditions etc.”

Villagers drink, bathe and wash themselves, their clothes and their food in the tributaries of the Subarnarekha River, which a 2009 study found to be heavily contaminated with alpha radiation, with levels 192 per cent higher than safe limits set by the World Health Organization.  Ashish Birulee

Nuclear waste in India poured routinely in Subarnarekha river?

Nuclear Waste December 14, 2015 at 7:40 pm 5 comments

India’s nuclear industry pours its wastes into a river of death and disease. Scientists say nuclear workers, village residents, and children living near mines and factories are falling ill after persistent exposure to unsafe radiation.

Jadugoda: unsafe handling of uranium ore

Rampant corruption in the uranium company in Jadugoda has further worsened the safety situation: JOAR statement on the UCIL scam

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aving crushed the fundamental rights of the tribal peopleof Jadugoda, UCIL is now determined to uproot them completely. It is for this reason that the Company is bringing in outsiders to work here, so none of the benefits go to locals who have given their lives – and their children’s’ health – to keep UCIL going.