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Please Help Japanese Children! : A Journalist Who is Also A Mother

Fukushima, Nuclear and Children February 3, 2013 at 10:25 pm 0 comments

The following is a report on the development of nuclear issues in Japan written by a mother-journalist. She has been has been critically studying the issues of the safety of nuclear power since 1999 and reports what she has found so far on the developing nuclear issue in Japan.

Fukushima: What the Children Have to Say

Fukushima: What the Children Have to Say

Ruthie Iida Ruthie Iida has lived, worked, and raised her children in Japan for thirteen years. When not teaching English, she writes about changes in post 3-11 Japan and lends her support to Japan’s anti-nuclear movement when and wherever she is able.   Her wonderful blog –  Kanagawa Notebook –Read More