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Digvijay Singh speaking to activists in Chutka

Chutka Nuclear Project: Former CM Digvijay Singh Voices Opposition, Will India’s Political Class Wake Up?

Chutka February 21, 2018 at 4:00 am 0 comments

Kumar Sundaram | The former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh and senior leader of the opposition Congress party has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, urging him to rethink the Chutka nuclear power project proposed in the state. We urgently need suck reckoning across the political spectrum.

Silence on polling booth as people boycott elections [local TV news in Madhya Pradesh]

As India Celebrates Republic Day, People in Narmada Valley Boycott Polls Against Chutka Nuclear Plant That Will Displace Them Again

Antinuclear Movement, Chutka January 27, 2018 at 4:28 am 0 comments

Communities in central India’s Mandla district, especially Gond adivasi tribes, have been vociferously agitating against the Chutka nuclear reactor project proposed in their region. Villagers in Chutka and Tatighat, who will be immediately affected due to the project by losing their land and livelihoods, boycotted the local elections of gram-sabha.