SUCI Protests in Solidarity With Koodankulam Struggle: Report and Pictures

M J Voltaire

The All India Protest Day was observed by the Madurai-Dindigul-Theni District Organising Committee, SUCI(C) in front of the Anna Bus Stand in Madurai on the evening of September 28.

The demonstration started with slogans like “No to Nuclear Arms, No to Nuclear Power”, “Solidarity with the heroic fighters”, “Shut down Koodankulam and all Nuclear Plants”, “We condemn state repression on the people of Koodankulam”, “Set free all those arrested under false charges”, “Remove imposition of 144” etc.

Com Pandiyan, member of the M-D-T DOC, SUCI(C) presided. He expressed solidarity with the fighting people of Koodankulam. He also placed the line of the Party on nuclear arms and nuclear power.

Com A Rengasamy, State Secretary, SUCI(C), Tamilnadu, was the main speaker. He severely criticised all the bourgeois parties for their pro-capitalist attitude and the left parties like CPI-M and CPI for abandoning the path of democratic people’s movements. He talked about what nuclear disasters would be like, quoting the examples of Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima. He questioned the claims that the KKNPP was 100% safe. He said that setting up nuclear plants in any part of the country would be a grave threat to people’s lives and livelihoods due to radioactive radiation. He said that behind the programme of setting up power plants was actually to realise the ambition of the Indian ruling capitalist class to emerge as a nuclear power in Asia. He also criticised the Central and state governments’ false propaganda of electricity shortage and stated that commissioning the KKNPP would not at all fulfil the total electricity need of Tamilnadu.

He explained what a heroic role was being played by the people agitating against the nuclear plant in Koodankulam, saying they were fighting for all pf us, and that people should came forward to lend support t this historic and courageous struggle t strengthen the movement and resist the anti-people nuclear agenda of the ruling capitalist class.

Mr David, who had been campaigning against the KKNPP right from the time it was proposed in the late 1980s, and Ms Sangeetha, who has also been active in opposing the Koodankulam nuclear plant, also spoke and expressed their solidarity with the fighting people.


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