“Stray family from Japan” (Mochizuki Iori’s daily column from Japan – August 21, 2011)

Mochizuki Cheshire Iori A Civil Engineer (27 years old) living in Yokohama. Also exports Japanese pop culture goods. Fukushima Diary is his daily summary of events as they unfold, also his picks from Japanese media and other social media.. Readers can catch up with him on DiaNuke.org’s Facebook group.

Today someone asked me to look for a family,group,or any kinds of organization to accept evacuated families from Japan. She is a mother with 5 years old boy. On 3/11,she was at her home in Kamakura. Hearing that Fukushima plants lost its cooling system,she ran for the west.

On the way ,she heard the news that Fukushima plants blasted,so she decided to fly to Okinawa.She was staying there for a month,but to know contamination has spread to all over the north hemisphere, she went to NZ and stayed there for 3 months. And she moved to AU and spent 10 days there. Now she is looking for a job in Asia.

I totally admire her courage and love to protect her own children. However,I really am sorry for her having to get through all the hard long way. We share the point of view,government is not trustworthy at all.And wherever you go in Japan,you end up having contaminated food.

We think evacuation is the only way to survive.She says,millions of the family need shelter out of Japan. Taking it into consideration that their children are still little,they hope to stay in one place for long. I’m looking for a way to get out of Japan myself,so I really know the problems are

1) Job
2) Secured home

However,there are a lot of the families to want to evacuate from Japan for whatever the cost is. If you are able to help us,I would love you to take a contact with me. You can leave a message below,or I’m @Angama_Market on Twitter. Message me please.

I was thinking of leaving Japan,but mothers and kids are much higher priority. I’m not important.Please help them first.


News Reports


[Lifting the lifting]

JP PM Kan stopped lifting the mandatory evacuating area.
They estimated the annual exposure rate would be less than 20mSv ,but it turned out to be 393.7~508.1 mSv.
They assume there may be mandatory area for decades. JP PM Kan apologizes.



[Death pool]

In Kawasaki,they detected 12,400Bq/kg from leaves beside a public pool on 8/18/2011.
This pool has been shut down since 8/19/2011. 250 people had used it on the daily basis.
Now it’s like this picture.



[Tweet from Hamamatsu]

Jorge Shigetomi

Be careful. My wife is suffering from idiopathic thrombocytopenia and thyroid disorder.


[Tsunami was just the last straw to a camel]

Reactors were doomed to fail even before tsunami.



[can’t get enough]

3 more cesium beef were found in a warehouse in Kawasaki.
They are from Fukushima,to be sent to Yokoahama.



[From a rare rational TV show]


Now Japan is in a civil war,pro-nuc vs anti-nuc.
Pro-nuc mafia dominates the politics and journalism.They manipulate the law.
They also purge anti-nuc side.


[Boycott Daiei]

motohashi kazumi™
ダイエーでの買い物注意! @III4III: 昨日、東京都のダイエーで、また、大分県産の野菜と書いて、スーパーのシールをはがしたら、茨城県産でした。ダイエーはそればっかり

“Yesterday,I bought vegetables at Daiei,which is a major super market chain in Japan.It was labelled as Oita,but taking off the seal,it was from Ibaraki AGAIN.They keep making this kind of MISTAKES recently. and it’s always Daiei.”


[Tweet from Tokyo]

【注意】地面は触るな‼ 20110821夕方 雨 東京都江戸川区葛西自宅 自転車置き場地表が0.29〜0.30㎲v/h これほど高い数値は初めて。大雨の影響がありそう。逆に空間線量は0.17と明らかに下がってる

“Don’t touch the ground.8/21/2011,evening.In Tokyo,0.29~0.30uSv/h on the ground. Air dose is 0.17uSv/h. Lower than yesterday. I think it’s affected by the black rain.”



We might not need to be afraid of pro-nuc side so much.
The ministers of cabinet are suffering from mental disease from too much stress or something.
They order ataractic drug or sleeping pill on the regular basis.
They say someone might commit suicide soon.



[Real time radiation level]

In a farm of Fukushima,they detected 4.132uSv/h “inside of a building”. 1m height from ground.




Blue tree frog was found in Hokkaido. 1.5cm. They say,it’s really a rare case.



[Bright future]

In Ukraine,in contaminated area, normal baby’s rate is 25.8%,on the contrast,in clean area,normal baby’s birth rate is 63.3%.

page 98,Table 5.35



[It’s not politics.It’s technology.]

Scintirex,a new technology to let you SEE radiation.
With this gadget,you can SEE if the food is contaminated or not at a glance.
will be sold for 10,000JPY next month. MUST BUY.



[Tweet of an expert in volcano ash]

群馬県川場村は0.5マイクロ毎時だから、川場コシヒカリは100ベクレル/キロ程度になると思われる。いくらおいしいおコメだと勧められても私は断る。 http://ow.ly/68A0a

0.50uSv/h in Gunma.Rice harvested there is estimated to be 100Bq/kg. It’s not the safety level.


[Gov’s announcement was totally deceiving]


“I interviewed a couple who evacuated from Fukushima.They ran before Tsunami came.and they saw Fukushima dai ni was emitting smoke already.It means,Fukushima dai ni was also damaged,and Tsunami was not the crucial cause.It proves all the announcement of gov,tepco,(and IAEA) was fake.”


[Ignorance is sin]

8 schools in Sendai had their students clean up the pool. Dust/mud left on the bottom of the pool turned out to be radioactive. (Max;1.46μ㏜/h)
Students touched it with bear foot and breathed it.They threw away the contaminated water into the normal sewage system.It will obviously spread the pollution.



[Tweet from a person who tried to persist his friends into evacuating]

Lehr Mayumi

“Talked to my friends in Tokyo.They said,”an expert” came to their company,and explained the current radiation level is not a dangerous level at all,like boarding or having a CT scan is more risky etc..and they say they were reassured.but Nobody boards that many times and nobody has CT scan for around the clock.and none of them causes internal exposure.I almost cried.”


[Underground water may be already contaminated]

From Fukushima,229 beef was sent to Yokohama,and 4,000 beef was already shipped out in total.
However,the farmer states they fed the cows imported hay.
Now it’s becoming more likely that they were contaminated though underground water.
If water is polluted already,everything is already contaminated.



[Inside Fukushima plant]

A young journalist went inside of the Fukushima plant getting disguised as an actual worker.

1) There is no ID check to get in.
2) They pay you 10,000JPY per 1mSv exposure. so if you are exposed to 10mSv in total,you are paid 100,000JPY.
3) The contract was 70,000JPY per day but it was actually about 13,000JPY.
4) Workers are really demotivated.Some of them are disaster refugees. They can’t help working there to earn the living.
5) He took pictures inside,he will publish them later.
6) There are at least 6 layers of sub-contract companies.The lowest level of the workers come and leave only for one day.However,nobody checks it.
7) Because of (6),workers don’t know each other.
8) There is no Geiger counter in the facility. They hang a sheet of paper to show “the current” radiation level ,which is hand writing,at cafeteria,but it was still “April”.(He went there in August.)



[Adenomatoid goiter]

@hanayuu @kinositaKouta 東京在住。11歳と8歳の息子を疎開中に検査してもらった結果、血液検査は異常ないが腺腫様甲状腺腫が11歳に7つ、8歳に1つ見つかる。私は甲状腺が腫れているとの診断。いずれも経過観察でよいとの事だが不安。

Living in Tokyo.When we evacuated,had my two kids medical check.11 years old kid had 7 Adenomatoid goiter, 8 years old kid had 1 Adenomatoid goiter.

(Adenomatoid goiter of children is a really rare case.The youngest patient was 19 years old from my experience. – Doctor)


[Murder of gov]

madorin 伊藤エイミーまどか
@deEerens @hanayuu @AMIty0202  子供にヨウ素を飲ませたのは原発付近のある私立の学校と町長さん(場所忘れました)の独断で飲ませた2箇所だけ、と鎌仲ひとみ監督が言ってた。「大変な事が起こった」と人々に思わせない為国は子供たちに飲ませる指示を怠った。

When the Fukushima plants blasted,only one private school and a small town had their children have iodine,but gov didn’t have any other children have iodine only not to stop them “panicking”.



About that Hokkaido mayor ,Takahashi Harumi decided to re-stared Tomari genpatsu,around 1,000 people are filing a complaint stopping the nuc plants with 100 lawyers.



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