Stop This Nuclear Insanity: A Letter to the Indian PM

Chaitanya Kalevar

Chaitanya Kalevar is a an Electrical Engineer of Indian origin, based in Canada.

He calls himself a “Planetary Patriot” and is active in movements against nuclear energy and climate change.

Dear Manmohan Singh & members of the Indian cabinet:

I admire your economic logic that has given Indian economy some much needed growth and get out of the colonial straight jacket, but nuclear power is another worse imperial straight jacket suitable only for the five bullies that permanently sit on the security council and deny the development of global democracy. India need not follow those bullying ways and those ill-considered technologies that hold all future generations hostages for our present energy gluttony and waste that is so prevalent now – especially in the West!

Let India show its wiser path – “Live simply and think highly”. Let your administration not go down in history as the administration that burdened future generations with nuclear waste that they had to care for before their own still born babies, deformed toddlers and other DNA maldevelopments over the generations that no one can foresee, but certainly an economist has no time or imagination to think of. Managing the present economy is much easier than managing the safe storage of nuclear waste produced till now.

It is best to rest the Rupees invested sit still in Koodan Kulam than need further multiple investment to decontaminate it after a possible explosion or even a safe shut down. No one has yet developed fully decommissioning technology or likely to. Even the nuclear bullies of our planet’s safe future have little decommissioning experience to show for. Japan a technologically advanced member of G7/8 has now shut down all its nuclear stations for “safety inspection” they say. The best way to end the safety inspection is to mothball the station and its nuclear waste as safely as possible – if there is a safe way? No safe way exists!

It is time for the proven good old Indian ways to be preached to the “gung ho” colonial minded – always ready to bully any country that has resources they want. They need to be told that they have been and are leading the planet on a perilous path of self-destruction with their economy minded, profit driven, damn the ecology approach to life on this planet. These guys are the same guys who used to discover lands, but never met any people on the lands. Natives of many lands will vouch for that! There are many natives in Canada, United States and Latin America still not fully exterminated, who can vouch for it.

No Koodan kulam, No Jaitapur, no nuclear energy for India! India is well situated for Solar and wind energy and can live comfortably with energy efficient life style with the renewable energy that it is blessed with! So can rest of the world!

Stop following the short sighted fools of the western world, whose Quarterly profit statement ignores their own Bible, let alone worry about other people and their wellbeing. The baby-step feared proliferation of Iran is a great danger to them than their own hundred Israeli nuclear bombs and thousands of American nuclear bombs! HA for their historical hypocracy and present double standards to say the least!

Let India be the first great nation to say “NO!” to the suicidal path of western technology, which even our historic neighbour China has already fallen for! It is time for ancient Indian wisdom to rise to the fore and not fall for short sighted western ways – who seem to “Act first and think later” as one of their popular AD used to be “Fly now and pay later”. Let us not pass our bill to be paid for by our progeny to come!

Thanks if you read it all!




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