Stop India-Japan Nuclear Agreement: Lalita Ramdas’ Open Letter to Japan’s First Lady

Lalita Ramdas letter to Akie Abe













Lalita Ramdas

Bhaimala – Alibag
Jan 22 2014

Dear Ms. Akie Abe,

Many women in India , including myself, were really delighted when we read about your being against nuclear power – your statement was widely circulated in our newspapers last year – and we felt we had an important ally in our struggle .

“I feel bad that Japan is trying to sell nuclear power plants overseas because I am anti-nuclear,” she said in a closed-door speech last on Thursday at an event organised by a non-profit group that supports farming communities.”

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Perhaps you do not have supporters among your husband’s political and business colleagues. But believe me you will have supporters from the millions around the world who have suffered the ill effects of the many disasters – large and small – ever since the world started using nuclear power.

Your own country has been amongst the worst sufferers – first thanks to the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki – and then with Fukushima – and the nightmare continues. You know only too well that radiation will affect women and children above all – and no one has yet found out how to store nuclear waste. So it is your and my children and grandchildren who will suffer.

So please Madame Akie – do use your time during this visit to India, to convince our politicians and business men – that indeed there is NO nuclear solution which is either safe or inexpensive. And most importantly – whisper into your husbands’ ear – the all important question, why do we need to make money by exporting dirty and dangerous technology to a fellow Asian Country?

So a warm welcome to our country and to our capital …..and hope you will remember that countless women in this country are looking up to you for your voice of support – No Nukes – Thank You!

Lalita Ramdas

[Lalita Ramdas is a veteran Indian activist – a feminist and environmentalist. She has been on the board of Greenpeace International and is associated with the Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace.]

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