Change the future. (Mochizuki Iori’s daily column from Japan – August 25, 2011)

Mochizuki Cheshire Iori A Civil Engineer (27 years old) living in Yokohama. Also exports Japanese pop culture goods. Fukushima Diary is his daily summary of events as they unfold, also his picks from Japanese media and other social media.. Readers can catch up with him on’s Facebook group.

I am trying to organize an independent news network because mass media is crap.
They never report what really matters,but we really need to know grass rooted news.

I have been collecting and reporting local news.I kept it as local as possible because that is
the most important thing to know.

But the more people are involved in,the more powerful it becomes.

I would like you to contribute us to collect information all around on the internet and share
on our potential site.

I’m accepting application from Japanese living all around in Japan,and Fukushima.

It is to support evacuating people financially by donation and advertisement fee as well.

I’m thinking of distributing the profit based on the traffic amount that you get.
This is how you can earn money even when you are evacuating in Singapore,in Australia,or
in USA.

If it works,I want to register a company at CA,I heard they make it easy for us to enterprise,
so we can give you a working visa as an employee.

The more you are close to Fukushima,the more likely you are to write good articles.and you
need more money to evacuate.

To me,this is a very rational system.

Hopefully I want it to expand to be against the pro-nuc policy in USA.

Also,I want to catch an eye of “anonymous” because it’s expected to have a lot of hacker

We’d need our cyber army.

My dream is to give mobile phone to a smart Somalian girl.

She would report us when genocide is going on. and she will earn money and a working
visa to get out of the hell,so one valuable DNA will be saved.

If you are willing to apply,or have an opinion,please feel free to leave a comment.

so far,nothing has been started but in my head. Let’s build our own ark together.


Japanese comedian tweeted that foreign life insurance companies are stopping to sell
cancer insurance in Japan.

Hosshan,a Japanese famous comedian tweeted,he heard that from his friend in a life
insurance company.They are stopping TV commercial of cancer insurance because
cancer rate is increasing since 311. Especially the cancer rate of 0~6 years old children is

?????????????????Twitter??? / ?????????????????


Tepco knew over 10m high Tsunami may hit Fukushima nuc plant 3 years ago.

Fukushima nuc plant can only bear 5.7m height of Tsunami,so they commented this
accident was because it was “beyond what they estimated” . IAEA also commented so.
However,Japan society of civil engineer reported 10m height of Tsunami may hit the plant,3
years ago.Vise president of Tepco was aware of the risk,they comment.Tepco did never
take any action to reinforce the plant,and they finally submit the report “4 days ” before 311.



They finally reported , 13% of Iodine131 and 22% of Cesium137 had fallen in Japan before
the end of March.


Edano,chief secretary of cabinet announced they will lift beef from
Don’t eat beef.

2011/08/25 16:06 【共同通信】


They suspect Fukuichi camera is modified by CG.
8/25/2011,wind blew at 4m/s in Fukushima. However,cloud did not move compared to TBS
live camera.
Also,they point out the contrast of the cloud is unnatural. It is likely they try to hide gray
tone to conceal steam or smoke from the units.


Couple over TEPCO dorms told reality at nuke plant


Murderer Yamashita Shunichi still claims,cesium will never increase any health risk.People
are just being too nervous.

Of course his family is in Kyushu.


Dr.Miyao from Nagoya university published a report about low dose symptom.
He researched the victims of Hiroshima atomic bomb. Accoring to his study,even the low
dose exposure(~5mSv~100mSv in total life span) causes cancer risk.

Solid Tumors;120~130%
Liver cancer;170~270%
Uterus cancer;180~200%



[Tweet of a Fukushima citizen]



“My friend live in Iwakishi. He finally started having hematuria.Grandchildren have nose
bleed.They can’t evacuate because they don’t have enough money.”


[Tweet of an Ibaraki citizen]

@tokaiama     初めましてアマさん。私は茨城で病院勤務なのですが、4月中は鼻血の止

“I work at a hospital in Ibaraki.There were patient of endless nosebleed in April.were
patients of diarrhea and fever for no reason in July.Now even hospital staff are suffering
diarrhea for no reason…it’s getting spooky”

..This kind of the tweets are getting more and more everyday.


Official: U.S. in Early Talks About Int’l Nuclear Leasing Arrangements


Fukushima local government buried radioactive weeded grass into the ground without
explaining anything to the near citizens. The citizens use will near the ground,they are
becoming anxious.
(1.72uSv/h,10cm high from the ground.)

They leave radioactive weeded grass on the ground and bury into the ground at different
places at least.


Tuberculosis is prevailing in a Fukushima shelter.
Now at least there are 10 patients and potential patients are 30.

郡山市の避難所で集団感染  8/24(水)



The highest amounts of cesium-137 and strontium-90 in the samples were 300 times and
10 times, respectively, the amount of natural background radiation in China’s territorial


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