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Mochizuki Cheshire Iori A Civil Engineer (27 years old) living in Yokohama. Also exports Japanese pop culture goods. Fukushima Diary is his daily summary of events as they unfold, also his picks from Japanese media and other social media.. Readers can catch up with him on DiaNuke.org’s Facebook group.

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[Save all the children]

In Niigata,they detected 27,000Bq/kg in mud and leaves at kindergarten and nursery school.
Because it’s too radioactive to burn,they shut down the area around.



[Tweet of a blogger in Tokyo]


Having sore throat since 10 days ago.cough a lot since 2 days ago too. suffering from sore eye too.I don’t even feel like looking at PC. When I drink,my throat goes worse and cough even worse. so much fatigue.

(I’m in a similar state.@Yokohama)


[We have enough power without nuc]

By morning of 8/23,unit 7 of Kashiwazaki Kariya nuc plant will be stopped for safety check.
then 40 of 54 nuc plants will have stopped. However,we still can have ice cream with no problem.
Do we really need a nuc plant ?



[Boycott coop]

Coop,one of the major retailing chain,has decided to obey the regulation of gov,which is obviously harmful for your health.
I recommend you not to buy from coop.
Look at section 2.



[Low dose symptom is very colorful]

Apart from cancer,low dose symptom causes you variety of disorder as an prologue of your death.
backache,high blood pressure,defect in vision,muscle pain,anemia,low WBC count,toothache,stomachache,etc..
Doctors will diagnose irrelevantly.You need to be observant for your own health.



[Tweet of a Tokyo citizen]

@costarica0012 @siimaru フォローさせていただいており横から失礼します。埼玉在住の私の12才の甥が、静かにしていても突然鼻血をだす機会が増えて不安を感じています。原因は思春期だけではなさそうですね。

Recently my nephew,12 years old,nose bleed pretty often even when he stays still.I’m feeling anxious.


[Gov’s data is all fake]

You don’t need to read Japanese. I just want you to see how many ND (Not detectable) are on the data of gov ,though private institution detects so much radiation from variety of agricultural products from North Japan.



[Get out of Miyagi right now]

They are checking radiation contained in soil.
The result of Miyagi turned out to be pretty shocking.

(Total of cesium)
Oogawara cho 131,000Bq/㎡、
Oosakishi A 52,000Bq/㎡、
Oosakishi B 55,000Bq/㎡、
Kesennumashi 26,000Bq/㎡、
Natorishi 44,000Bq/㎡、
Kawasakicho north part 2,000Bq/㎡

Miyagi is a main granary of rice.
We better not eat rice until we get out of Japan.



[3500 times as much as nuclear golden age 1966]

“Experts” love to say,it used to be more contaminated or Chernobyl polluted Japan even worse than now.However,CTBT(Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty) institution published a report.
According to their study,they detected 3500 times much as radiation as 1966,when they conducted tons of nuclear test,and 84 times much as radiation as Chernobyl.

Click to access 002-07-yone002.pdf


[Jap gov uses inferior radiation counter on purpose]

平野 透:デザインオフィスH.S.O代表

When it comes to internal exposure,we need to be more careful about alpha ray and beta ray.Strontium emits beta ray,which causes leukemia.Plutonium emits mostly alpha ray.
After Chernobyl,Ukraine gov used radiation counter which can detect those two types of ray,but current Japanese gov only uses the lowest class of the counter that can check only gamma ray.


[Don’t trust their radiation check]

In Nagano,nursery school students grew vegetables with cesium mold leaf and they ate it.
According to the result of the radiation check of of “Japan Chemical Analysis Center”,the vegetables were not polluted.

→Chair man of Japan Chemical Analysis Center,”Satake Hirofumi”

1964,Ministry of science
1994, Nuclear Safety Bureau
1995, Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute
1999, Japan Chemical Analysis Center

That’s what they call insider manipulation.



[Mr.Koide warns]

Mr.Koide analyzes the spent fuel pool of unit 4 is severely damaged because of the past explosion.(hydrogen explosion ?)
The explosion happened downstair of the spent fuel pool.so now almost nothing supports the pool.It is about to fall off anytime.



[Prayer of an 8 years old boy]


“My son is 8 years old.We evacuated and we went to a church here.The boy told me he prayed “I wish government would be a bit more trustworthy.”.”


[Cardiac infarct]

A famous translator ,Yamaoka Yoichi died of cardiac infarct TOO.
He was in Yokohama.



[Don’t let your children go to school]


横浜市の給食の牛肉は2か月以上100%福島産だったんすよ。そりゃ、移住も考えますよ。まあ、僕の家族は北海道に行ったんですが。RT @bcxxx: それがやり過ぎだと言うあんたがズレてるだけ。 RT @Kino_from_Tokyo: 中には明らかにやりすぎでは…っていうのもあるじゃないですか。放射線避けるためにわざわざ東京から関西へ引っ越す、とか、夫だけ反対して離婚の危機だとか。子どもの学校に無理な要求をしちゃったりとか。

In Yokohama,they kept serving Fukushima beef for longer than 2 months.100% of beef was from Fukushima.


[It’s not hay.It’s water]

It’s proved that water is contaminated,not hey.
They compared cows eating the same hay.The egesta of cow from Namie cho contained 2,256Bq/kg,but cows from other places contained only 145~147Bq/kg.
The only difference is water.



[Our generation won’t see the end of Fukushima]

Mr.Koide has been pointing out crucial risks and they all have turned out to be true.
Mr.Koide states,Fukushima nuc plants are too damaged.It will take almost forever time to get it settled. Our generation will not be able to see it ending probably.

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