Mr. Shishir Joshi, let your diary better be in your closet!

We are republishing Bhargavi Dilipkumar’s response to Shishir Jodhi’s Koodankulam Diary in the recent issue of the Outlook Magazine which she has posted  on her facebook wall. Bhargavi is an activist working with Delhi Forum.

Dear Mr. Joshi,

koondankulam_diaryI am writing this letter to you because of the nausea that your article triggered in me. First of all lunatics let alone writing in the News paper about your absurd absolutely baseless diary entry shouldn’t be walking around on this earth. If you are sitting in your couch, feeling proud about the bond connections you made please note that “You are such a loser!”…

If a press of button could burn the world in to cinders a leak of radioactivity could affect generations of masses. If the area is 1000kms far from Tsunami zone, then tell my why on earth did the Government build a ‘Tsunami Rehabilitation Colony” – Is it for the Japanese people who got hit by Fukushima? Who knows, you would even claim that there are Koreans, Japanese and Bolivians living in Kudankulam. Infact, you would even add more pride in addressing their concerns than those of the ‘Southies’. You can never find a North Indian there I am damn sure because to the Northern Part of this country there is absolute ignorance about the southern , central or North Eastern part of the same so called ‘Nation’ and its ‘Citizens’. That is exactly why the filthy media houses and messy journalists like you address issues of south in a different way. This is so evident when you guys give the headlines saying “Indian fishermen troubled in Pakistani waters” where as when it comes to the South it becomes “Tamilnadu fishermen in trouble in Srilankan Waters”.

Please do include that there is an excellent ‘Lunatic asylum’ in the Ramanathapuram district where people like you could get treated for your hypocrisy. And by the way Kudankulam is a village in Thirunelveli district far away from Kanyakumari (which is another district altogether) and Nagerkoil where you apparently had an awesome southie food and couldn’t digest it with your Northie intestine resulting in such “journalistic diarrhea”.

Kindly refrain from writing such BULL SHIT and let your diary better be in your closet.



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