PMANE Demands Resolution to Scrap Koodankulam Project

People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE)

December 13, 2011
Idinthakarai & P. O. 627 104
Tirunelveli District
Tamil Nadu
Phone: 98656 83735; 98421 54073

Press Release

PMANE Congratulates the CM on Convening of Assembly and
Requests a Resolution to Scrap the Koodankulam Project

The People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE) congratulates the Honorable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on convening a special session of the Tamil Nadu Assembly on December 15, 2011 on the Mullaperiyar dam issue to pass a resolution that Tamil Nadu will not give up its rights over Mullaperiyar.

While thanking the Honorable Chief Minister for this timely and thoughtful intervention in this matter, the PMANE would like to point out to her that the Mullaperiyar dam issue is raked up by the Congress party-led governments in New Delhi and Thiruvananthapuram to divide the people of Tamil Nadu and Kerala over the Koodankulam nuclear power project (KKNPP). Ever since we began our agitation against the KKNPP in August 2011, scores of people from all walks of life in Kerala have been coming to Idinthakarai to express their support and solidarity with our struggle. The Congress party and its governments want to scuttle this joint struggle even at the cost of undermining India’s unity and national integrity.

It is quite pertinent to note that the Tamil Nadu Cabinet passed a resolution on September 22, 2011 to halt the work at KKNPP until the fears and concerns of the Tamil people were allayed. But the Central Government and the Department of Atomic Energy never acknowledged this Cabinet Resolution publicly and nor did they honor it earnestly. Adding insult to the injury, the Honorable Prime Minister of India is going to Russia on December 15, 2011 to sign a deal with his Russian counterparts to set up more nuclear power plants at Koodankulam. All this makes us wonder if Tamil people’s feelings, sentiments and interests are considered seriously by New Delhi in any meaningful manner.

The way the Central Government has responded to the gruesome Tamil genocide in Sri Lanka, the Sri Lankan Navy’s killing of some 570 Tamil fishermen, the 3-Tamils capital punishment issue, the Katcha Theevu issue, and the more recent requests of the Honorable Chief Minister for financial and material help and for CISF security for the Mullaperiyar dam has caused concern and worry in our minds.

Given this situation, we do not feel confident about our safety and security and our Tamil progeny’s futures with regards to the dangerous draconian nuclear park that is being planned in our state with Russian technology and expertise. Moreover, the Expert Group set up by the Central Government has not allayed our fears or answered any of our queries about Russian liability, reactor siting issues, nuclear waste management, daily routine emissions, fresh water needs and utilization, and decommissioning issues honestly and directly.

So PMANE would very much like to request the Honorable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu to pass another Assembly or Cabinet Resolution on December 15, 2011 to scrap the Koodankulam nuclear power project once and for all.

S. P. Udayakumar, Ph.D.
People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy



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