PURATCHIVENDUM : A Tamil Song-Video supporting Koodankulam anti-nuclear movement

Erithazhal Padaipagam

A band of youths in Coimbatore had produced one another tool for the Koodankulam Nucelar plant agitation. Couple of days ago advocate Chandran and his friends had released a short film on Koodan Kulam issue.

This music video potrays a gist about dangers in NUCLEAR REACTORs specially in KOODANKULAM ,TAMIL NADU, INDIA

This music video will not be sufficient enough to explain the hazards of KOODANKULAM NUCLEAR REACTOR,still it can serve as a entry point for the general public to create a discussion about this issue……and for the people who still belives that Koodankulam nuclear reactor will satisfy Tamil Nadu electricity needs will be a nightmare ….

In spite of having safest alternate energy producing ways……why still this government is sticking to riskier way of energy producers….like nuclear reactor…

Few alternate ways to produce electricity indigenously through renewables also find place in this music video.

Our people have produced lots of books and short films with proper scientific research on Koodankulam’s nuclear reactor and its dangerous hazards.people kindly study and converse …..”

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