PMANE responds to AERB’s clearance to Koodankulam, calls it undemocratic

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For Immediate Release
July 11, 2013

cartoonThe Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) has granted clearance for “First Approach to Criticality (FAC)” of Unit-1 of KKNPP “as the next major stage of its commissioning.” It is pertinent to remember that the AERB gave this very same clearance on August 10, 2012 (No. AERB/ITSD/PRESS/2012/03). That Clearance was to be followed by compliance to various pre-requisites, review of the various commissioning procedures, results, inspection reports etc.

The AERB is supposed to submit a report to the Supreme Court along with the NPCIL, MoEF and TNPCB. Only TNPCB has submitted its report with many rejoinders. In a true democracy, the reports must be shared with the petitioner and with the larger public and must be debated openly and earnestly. But this AERB Clearance defies the spirit of democracy. Welcome to the Nuclear Republic of India!

We would like to point out here that Adv. Lajapathi Roy has just sent a notice on behalf of the project-affected people to the AERB and the NPCIL saying that they have “willingly and deliberately intended to commission and operate a defective and sub-standard KKNPP knowing fully well that it might cause incalculable harm, death and destruction to the lives and livelihood of our clients, their relatives, friends and neighbours.”

This second FAC Clearance may be a preemptive attempt on the part of the nuclear authorities to circumvent our legal notice and subsequent action. The people of India will hold the AERB, the NPCIL, the DAE, the MoEF, the TNPCB and the Government of Tamil Nadu and the Government of India squarely responsible for any untoward incidents that may happen at the KKNPP. They are all playing a dangerous game with the lives of millions of people without complying several important legal and safety measures such as CRZ clearance for the desalination plants, effluent outlet pipes and so on.

Since the nuclear authorities have ignored the peoples’ sentiments and interests, the NDMA’s disaster guidelines, and the Supreme Court’s Recommendations, our struggle against the KKNPP will continue unabated.

The Struggle Committee

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