‘North Korean N-Test Condemnable, But ALL Nuclear Weapons Are Evil’: S P Udayakumar Gives A Call For Global Disarmament

The People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE)
Pachai Tamizhagam Party (PTK)
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September 3, 2017

Condemn North Korean Test and Call for Complete Nuclear Abolition

The People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE) and the Pachai Tamizhgam Katchi (PTK) condemn the nuclear tests conducted by the reckless and irresponsible North Korean regime and the boorish attitude and improvident behavior of the United States and Russia in dealing with the looming Korean crisis.

Just a few months after the first international treaty banning nuclear weapons was signed by 122 countries and a few days after the International Day against Nuclear Tests was commemorated on August 29, the self-indulgent and brutish North Korean government, in utter disdain to the international community, has tested its most powerful 60 kiloton hydrogen bomb. The official North Korean television has called this “two-stage thermonuclear weapon” that had “unprecedented” strength.

Seoul has claimed that an artificial 5.7 magnitude quake occurred at 12:29 p.m. local time, in Kilju, northern Hamgyong province, the site of the North Korean test. But the US Geological Survey has made a counter-claim that the explosion had a magnitude of 6.3. It is pertinent to note here that North Korea had tested a weapon in September 2016. And only a few days ago, the Pyongyang regime tested a nuclear-capable midrange missile over northern Japan.

The deeply worried Japan has strongly protested against this new test. President Donald Trump of the United States has spoken with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan regarding the “ongoing efforts to maximize pressure on North Korea.” The South Korean President Moon Jae-In has just visited the United States and the Trump administration has agreed to boost South Korean military might.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned against the American missteps against North Korea and has flown his military aircraft over the Korean Peninsula to express his opposition to the American North Korea policy and to throw his weight behind the North Korean dictator. China is already in close touch with the Pyongyang regime.

To put it tersely, there brews a dangerous nuclear cocktail, that could burst into a nuclear Armageddon anytime. A foolhardy nuclear confrontation between North Korea and the United States over Guam or on the mainland could bring the Russians, the Japanese, and the Chinese into a nuclear free-for-all. And that will spell doomsday for the entire world.

Those who take up a nuclear sword will perish by a nuclear sword. A Nuclear Armageddon in the Far East will have devastating impact and effect on South Asia, another equally dangerous and volatile nuclear hotspot in the world. With a Talk-Right and Walk-Right regime in power in New Delhi, a serious political instability in Pakistan and border skirmishes between China and India, anything can happen anywhere anytime.

In fact, our common spacecraft, the Earth, has been hijacked by some ten nuclear powers. There is a growing discontent and rivalry among the hijackers. They are all getting restless and even reckless. Their nuclear bravado will mean death and destruction, ill-health and immense suffering to all the 7.5 billion ‘passengers’ on the craft.

Commemorating Hiroshima Day in Koodankulam [6 August 2012]

What moral legitimacy do these nuclear thugs have to destroy our common home? Who are they to decide the fate our Earth and all its inhabitants? Why can’t they get rid of these deadly and inhuman weapons and ICBMs in a global treaty just as the historic nuclear ban treaty demanded?

In the light of the Far East bedlam, India should support the nuclear ban treaty, desist from future nuclear tests and start working for the complete abolition of the nuclear abomination.

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S. P. Udayakumaran

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