“People’s Parliament” Passes Resolution in New Delhi Against Koodankulam Atrocities

This resolution was moved by me today at the Jan Sansad (People’s Parliament) at New Delhi that had delegates from all over the country, and passed unanimously. Please spread it wide.

New Delhi, March 20 : We, the representatives of the social movements, trade unions and other civil society organisations attending the first Rashtriya Jan Sansad in Delhi today condemn the inhuman violent attack and arrest on the struggling groups at Idinthikara, Kudamkulam. This is a direct onslaught on the democratic rights of people who are non-violently fighting for protecting their rights to live. While the Prime Minister has maintained that the greatest danger to the Indian state is terrorism, there is zero respect for non-violent struggles of people’s movements for people’s livelihood.

Kudamkulam nuke plant will definitely affect the lives and livelihoods of the people living in that area. The radioactive particles leaked out will be harmful to the health of people and the environment of the marine system.’

If any accident, as in the case of Fukushima, happens that will destroy the lives and livelihoods of thousands of people. The cooling water released from the plant will increase the temperature of the seawater and will harm the marine life in the coast, hence the livelihood of the people.

Govt’s are highly undemocratic by installing such a highly destructive plant without considering the protest of local people. This action shows the real disaster of denying people’s right over development planning. This is clear violation of the principles of democratic decentralization. The officials could not provide satisfactory answers to the questions raised by the people. In the international context also Nuclear energy is not accepted by scientists and governments. Most of the countries who are depending on nuclear energy had changed their stand because it is highly expensive and risky. Nowhere in the world scientists could find a safe method to process or keep the nuclear wastes including the spent fuel.

The arguments raised by some technical experts that Russian VVER reactor is safe, is not acceptable to common peoples because even in Russia, there are many experts who had raised the concern of the safety of this reactor. After the disastrous accident at Fukushima, triggered by earthquake and Tsunami, even the nuclear lobby will not deny the high risks associated with the plant.

We demand both Union and State govts to withdraw all police actions, TN Govt. revoke the clearance, and close down the Nuclear Plant as demanded by the local people.

Currently Jan Sansad has decided to focus on this issue which is a symbol of misplaced development priorities of the country as well as the undemocratic manner in which such policies are implemented by the government in its March 23rd, 2012, protest at Jantar Mantar.



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