People Rising Against Nuclear Power in Andhra: Updates and Pictures by LALITA RAMDAS


The crowd at baruvah village near somapeta

One of the many women on relay hunger fast in Kakrapally

Intrepid sisters – all of whom earn their living from catching fish in the wetlands

Srinivasananda Swamy – a powerful speaker and passionate opponent of nuclear power and coal plants.

This is our final halt of a two day yatra to kovada [where ap govt has issued notification for land acquisition].

Kakrapally – where the east coast power co [owned by a number of powerful political leaders] – is threatening thousands of acres of wet lands and livelihoods of fishing communities.

Am sending you two more photos of women on relay hunger fast at Kakrapally, which has lasted 847 days.

Somapeta where the Nagarjuna construction company planned another thermal power plant. Resisted valiantly.took it to green tribunal which cancelled it.but their lands have not yet been returned.

They were happy to hear of other struggles going on in other parts of the country. And especially with the message from Udayakumar and PMANE ”

‘a stitch in time saves nine’ …..get rid of the menace now!!!

Lalita from Baruva,Srikakulam Dist

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