People in Japan Intensify Struggle Against Nuclear Restart in Ohi

URGENT! STOP restart of Ohi (Oi) Nuclear Power plant, Fukui Japan

We, the undersigned, URGENTLY call on Fukui prefecture, Fukui prefectural nuclear safety commission and Ohi town to stop restarting Ohi nuclear power plants.

We are concerned that the government and Kansai Electric Power Company have not done enough to ensure safety against natural disasters.

We demand a more thorough study of active faults around Ohi power plants.


Mayumi Nishioka

Currently the possible restart of two reactors at the Ohi nuclear power station in Fukui Prefecture is a big issue in Japan. Ohi Town Mayor Shinobu Tokioka officially announced his endorsement to their restart. According to NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), Fukui Prefectural Governor Issei Nishikawa is expected to do the same very soon, and the Japanese Cabinet will then meet once again over this issue, to give the official green light to the restart.

On June 15 evening, citizens against the restart of the reactors will have a gathering in front of the office of the Prime Minister, Tokyo. People have been gathering there almost every evening recently to show protest, but mass media has been ignoring them.

In Ohi Town, the “Occupy Oi” gathering is scheduled on June 16 and 17. Another gathering is planned in Fukui City, the prefectural capital, on June 17.

News has just come in. Mainichi Newspaper says Gov. and Cabinet meet tomorrow morning.


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