Occupy Koodankulam !! March 15, 2012 !

It’s a call from the other India that has become ‘foreign’ to our Prime Minister. A sustainably living community has refused to be part of the profit-driven system and is struggling against the mighty state for last 25 years. We must come out and support them.

Branding people’s struggles ‘foreign’ and repressing our own people has become the hallmark of this government that is undermining our democracy.

Reach Koodankulam on your own. This spontaneous march to Koodankulam is to save our democracy, our people and our ecology. Be part of it.

For further details about the protest and the routes, contact:

P K Sundaram, New Delhi (9810556134, pksundaram@gmail.com)
Lalita Ramdas, Alibagh (lramdas@gmail.com)
Neeraj Jain, Pune (09422220311, neerajj61@gmail.com)
Sajeer Rehman, Kalikut (09447218282, sajeerhere@yahoo.co.in)
Muthu Krishnan, Madurai (09443477353, muthusmail@gmail.com)
Anivar Aravind, Bangalore (09448063780, anivar.aravind@gmail.com)


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