Nuke-Liar Awards 2012: Nominations Invited !!

Dear Friends,

We are happy to announce the First edition of the Global Nuke-Liar Awards 2012

Your chance to nominate and vote for the most outrageous, the most logic-defying, the most  stupendous lies that the nuclear industry propagates. It will obviously be a tough-fought battle, with many international contenders, but these prestigious awards will be decided, in true democratic fashion, by a combination of jury opinion and popular votes.

Please join in this global quest to find and expose Nuke’s Biggest Liars!

What to do:

In the nomination round, the readers are requested to send their nominations for the following categories:

– Best Nuke-Liar Politician

– Best Nuke-Liar Scientist

– Best Nuke-Liar Journalist

– Best Nuke-Liar Lie

– Best Nuke-Liar Truth (yes, it occasionally slips out)

– Best Nuke-Liar Factoid

– The Foot-in-Mouth Statement

– Best Nuke-Liar (Life Time Achievement Award)

You are requested to send us your nominations by email ( or on the FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE.

The received nominations would be reviewed by a jury and tentatively 3 to 4 nominations in each category would be put up for online votes. You can also send your creative suggestions for including more award categories with possible nominees.

Readers can send their nominations either by commenting below this page or by sending an email to

With each of your nominations, please also explain, briefly, your reasons for nominating a particular entry. Where required, please also send relevant reference about a particular nuke-liar statement or fact.

The closing date for the nominations is 25th September, 2012 and the awards will be announced on October 5th.



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