Nuclear Power in the Battlefield: Ongoing Concerns at Chernobyl, Zaporizhzhya, and Beyond [Webinar Video]

Dr. Olga Kosharna, nuclear and safety expert, Ukrainian Nuclear Society, Kyiv, joined our panel tomorrow along with Dr. Gordon Edwards and Andrey Ozharovsky.

This webinar was being organized in continuation of the earlier online discussion that we organized on 26 February before the violent occupation of Zaporizhzhya nuclear power station began. The earlier webinar was mostly focused on the situation in Chernobyl and the speaker, Andrey Ozharovsky, flagged the lack of transparency, information, and accountability, besides emphasizing the need for robust independent monitoring. You can find the video recording of the online event on at this link:

Chernobyl in the War Zone: DiaNuke Conversation on the Unfolding Crisis in Ukraine [Zoom recording]

We believe that our conversations and concerns must go beyond what the national governments, mainstream media narratives, and institutions like the IAEA have to offer.

To protect the privacy of participants in the Zoom meeting, we have images of Russian and Ukrainian landscapes.

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