“Nuclear Power in the Battlefield: Ongoing Concerns at Chernobyl, Zaporizhzhya, and Beyond” [Webinar Invitation]


Dear all,

We invite you to this urgent and important conversation on the viability of nuclear power and the affordability of nuclear risks in a world where nuclear facilities seem to be increasingly becoming sites of armed conflict and violence including invasion, sabotage, and hostage-taking, among others.

The precarious turn of events at Ukraine’s Zaphorizhzhya Nuclear Power Station and Chernobyl, both under Russian occupation for about two weeks now, is  dangerously compounded  by misinformation campaigns, and denial of radiation-related data by the governments engaged in the conflict. Such imperiled geographies are also made inaccessible to independent observers and even local civil society actors.

The role played by international agencies, such as, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) also does not inspire confidence, and, in fact calls for greater scrutiny rather than complacency. The IAEA does not have its inspectors and data-collection mechanisms on the ground in such cases, and  relies on the state parties for reports, and is known to have been lenient in the case of nuclear accidents in Fukushima and Chernobyl in the past, given its primary role as a global promoter of civilian nuclear technologies.

To discuss both the specific aspects of the evolving situation at Zaphorizhzhya and Chernobyl – including the potential risks in the ongoing conflict and dangers of misinformation, as well as broader questions about the viability and reliability of nuclear power in an increasingly unstable world, we invite you to participate in the upcoming DiaNuke Online dialogue.

SPEAKERS: Dr. Gordon Edwards and Andrey Ozharovsky

Dr. Gordon Edwards is a mathematicians based in Montreal, a senior nuclear expert and activist with decades of experience in the field. He is the President of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility(CCNR).

Andrey Ozharovsky is a physicist based in Moscow, a leading expert and activist on nuclear issues, co-chair of Russian Radwaste Safety Program(BexRAO.ru)

DATE: 12 March 2022

Moscow- 5:00pm
Berlin, Paris- 3.00pm
New Delhi- 7.30pm
Tokyo- 11:00pm
New York, Washington, Toronto- 9:00am
Vancouver, LA- 6:00am


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