Nuclear Expansion and Human Costs: 10% of India at Risk









Continuing an order-of-magnitude calculation for India based on population densities around nuclear plants, I can estimate, roughly, the population at risk due to proximity to a nuclear plant. For a 50 mile (ie 80km) evacuation radius around the current and proposed nuclear power plants in India, I essentially get an identical plot as in the first post on this issue except each number is 16 times larger ( from a squared area factor between 20 and 80 km radius). A sum total of all these amounts to a whopping 122 million i.e. 10% of India’s current population. This is the population living at risk of a nuclear incidence.

Are we willing to risk so many?

Do zoom in, fool around and toggle between India’s heat and earthquake marker maps. Jaitapur is between Kaiga and Tarapur marked here and Srikakulum north of Kalpakam; both areas have had their share of greater than 4.5 quakes.


by Arati Chokshi

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