Nuclear engineer comes out against DAE, calls for abandoning nuclear energy

Letter from Mr. R K Gupta, former Scientific Engineer, Nuclear Fuel Processing Division, BARC

R. K Gupta
Scientific Officer/Engineer(Retd.)
Government of India
Dept of Atomic Energy

Janhit Seva Samiti

Over 35 years I worked in plutonium plant of Nuclear Fuel Processing division of BARC Trombay.

I became permanently physically handicapped, incapacitated during during my service prior to retirement due to ‘work environment’, ‘improper safety procedures’, ‘medical negligence’, exposure to nuclear radiation’, and ‘nuclear contamination’ etc.

I have also not received my lawful dues due to my ‘permanent locomotor disability’, ‘incapacitated prior to my superannuation.

This is one of the ‘burning example’ how the DAE treat their Nuclear Employees.

Nuclear Energy is not safe. Most of the developed countries have abandoned the Nuclear Power. India is a big Market for Nuclear Power Plant Manufacturers. All progressive countries are exploiting India by dumping power plants for their profits. Our Indian Government is just a willing buffoon dancing on the tunes of Nuclear Lobby and their string pullers sitting in the America and European capitals.

I sincerely and fervently pray to the common men and women of India to rise up to the occasion and save our mother land by bringing persistent pressure on Indian Government to abandon the Indian Nuclear Program and safeguard the future generations from the hazards of Radioactivity; looming Nuclear mega disaster.

Thanking you

Yours Faithfully
R. K. Gupta

Mr. Gupta's Letter

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