Noam Chomsky’s Message to the No Nukes World Social Forum being Held In Fukushima This Month

The Fukushima catastrophe five years ago, the disgraceful deceit of the authorities, and the miserable fate and continued suffering of the victims all provide a dramatic and wrenching demonstration of the urgent need to confront the extraordinary threat to human existence that we learned about on those grim days of August 1945. A careful look at the record since reveals with shattering clarity that it is a virtual miracle that humans have survived the nuclear threat until today. There have been innumerable accidents which in some cases have been minutes away from terminal nuclear war, not to speak of the criminal adventurism by the political leadership. As you meet today, the threat of nuclear war is visibly increasing, closely linked to the issues of nuclear power and energy that we should all be contemplating with deep concern, nowhere more urgently than where you are meeting, where the evidence of the extreme dangers they can pose is so tragically visible. I hope and trust that this assembly will not only carry forward the urgent need to save the children of Fukushima but will also provide guidelines for the no less urgent need to move our societies to sustainable and safe energy production and will also provide guidelines for what is lurking not far in the background: the struggles that lie ahead to save humanity from the threat of destruction that has never been remote since it was unleashed in such a hideous way in August 1945.  – Noam Chomsky, March 2016

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