No End to Nuclear Insanity in Koodankulam?: Govt Secretly Lays Stone for Reactors 5-6

Statement by Dr. S P Udayakumar on behalf of the People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy(PMANE)

The Indian govt is secretly laying foundation stone for reactors 5-6 at Koodankulam. As we all know, people all over Tamil Nadu and Kerala have been opposing units 1-2 for a long time now. Since they are complete failure, the atomic authorities are hurrying the construction of units 3-4.

Now they are going ahead with units 5-6. Where will they be placed? What is the cost? How will they dispose of the spent fuel and waste? Will Russia provide liability for units 5-6? No questions are addressed.

The arrogant atomic authorities are keeping 8-crore Tamils and 4-crore Malayalis in the dark. The public representatives are not kept in the loop. Even the local press persons are not allowed to cover the foundation-laying ceremony.

Why this secrecy? Why this high-handed behaviour? Why do they work on a nuclear disaster at such a hurried pace when the Tamils and the Malayalis are struggling to cope up with two recent cyclones, Ockhi and Gaja.

It is high time all the Tamils and the Malayalis took a solid and determined stand against the mindless expansion of the Koodankulam nuclear project.

The state governments of Tamil Nadu and Kerala should take a stand in support of their respective citizens. The government of India should stop working to prop up the Russian economy and start working for the welfare of our people.

The people of Kerala should realise that Koodankulam is right at their doorstep and not in a far away distant land and oppose this impending Fukushima-type horror.

People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE),

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S. P. Udayakumar

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