Veteran Gandhian Narayan Desai Supports Koodankulam Struggle in his Gandhi Katha being held at Madurai

Narayan Desai is one the very few colleagues of Mahatama Gandhi alive today in India. At an old age of 87, he is an active inspiration for the several non-violent  movements going on in India today for defending peace, justice, communal harmony and democracy. Adopting the traditional form of story-telling, he started performing Gandhi Katha (Gandhi’s Stories) few years back, invariably linking it to contemporary issues faced by the world. Here is a report, sent to us by Tanushri Gangopadhyay, on his support to the Koodankulam struggle as expressed in the ongoing Gandhi Katha in Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

Veteran Gandhian Narayan Desai was scathing on nuclear power power plants and particularly Koodankulam ,when he began his five day Gandhi Katha in Madurai on Monday September 11.

He was equally scathing about the present political scenario of the country.

Narayan Bhai is also the Chancellor of Gujarat Vidyapeeth , the University established by Mahatma Gandhi. While delivering Gandhi Katha in Madurai which began on Monday confessed that his “heart lay in Koodankulam.”

”I was to hold Gandhi Katha in Koodankulam for five days from September 11, but had to shift the venue to Madurai. My heart is in Koodankulam”.

“ I am against all kinds of violence whether it is unleashed by the police or by the protestors .” Violence in any form digs the grave of democracy. He had not visited the site in Koodankulam Nuclear power Plant where the struggle was on. He had read and heard from activists about the violence unleashed

” I have been against nuclear power for over two decades” he told an august audience who had assembled to listen to his narration of Gandhi Katha. “Nuclear power is not cheap, contrary to what has been publicised”, he explained to them. Nuclear power plants in Kakrapar, Tarapur, Kalpakkam, etc have not produced cheap power. Koodankulam, Jaitapur and other new power plants will destroy the ecology, and displace the people, the Gandhian rued.

Mahatma Gandhi did not support nuclear power, as it devastated nature, bio-diversity and ecology. Gandhi spoke of three qualities of human being – living with ‘himself’, with ‘fellowmen’ and with ‘nature.’ Human beings relations with ‘nature’ is a journey towards truth and a peep into his inner self. ‘Nature’ included gigantic nuclear power plants like Koodankulam. Kakrapar, 3 Mile Islands etc. which has resulted in global warming , depletion of Ozone.

The disasters in the Three mile island, Chernobyl has made the government realise the dangers of the energy. Japan has realised the dangers after the tsunami last year which has destroyed the plant in Fukushima and devastated the people there. Despite that they continue to produce nuclear power.

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