Mr. Shinzo Abe, exporting nuclear to India after Fukushima is immoral! Sign Petition.

When PM Shinzo Abe comes to India on December 11th, people in India would organise strong protests – both in places like Jaitapur, Mithi Virdi and Koodankulam etc where new nuclear power plants are coming up, as well as in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Bangalore.

The deal must be opposed as it unleashes horror on the farmers and fisherfolk of Jaitapur, Mithi Virdi and Kovvada, pushes a disastrous nuclear expansion in India, shreds Japan’s long-standing stance on nuclear disarmament and intensifies arms race in Asia.

This Sunday, 13 villages of Jaitapur have passed a unanimous resolution against the world’s largest nuclear power park that Areva is constructing in their area. They have announced that on 12th December they will organise a ‘jail bharo’ (voluntary arrest) movement to oppose Mr. Abe’s visit. Villagers in Jaitapur came out in thousands last year too when Mr. Abe came to India. The resolution adopted is attached here.

December 3rd would mark the 31st anniversary of the Bhopal tragedy, where the victims are still struggling for justice, decontamination and adequate compensation. They will also issue a statement on the occasion opposing the India-Japan nuclear agreement, as India cannot afford a nuclear Bhopal.

An international petition against the nuclear deal has been launched against the India-Japan nuclear agreement and it has already crossed 800 signatures. We request you to sign it and circulate widely.

Here are some useful resources to better understand the negative implications of the nuclear agreement for which it must be opposed –

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Last year, when the Japanese PM came to India, people at the grassroots and in cities organised similar protests.

We would be sending you further emails to update you on our campaign and seek your continued cooperation.


Kumar Sundaram

Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace(CNDP), India.


Shinzo Abe protest

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