I’m blocked. Column II. (Mochizuki Iori’s daily column from Japan – August 24, 2011)

Mochizuki Cheshire Iori A Civil Engineer (27 years old) living in Yokohama. Also exports Japanese pop culture goods. Fukushima Diary is his daily summary of events as they unfold, also his picks from Japanese media and other social media.. Readers can catch up with him on DiaNuke.org’s Facebook group.

Facebook blocks me to post articles with link.

My blogs keep being attacked,even my tumblr bot mirror gets down sometimes.

I feel shocked when someone refers to some other site.

My mind shouts,”That’s what I posted last week.”

I want to collapse JP gov and US gov.

but they want to shut me up for some reason.

I keep collecting information around on the internet,even when I’m at work.

but if nobody reads it,it’s nothing.

I want the truth to be spread because it’s worth.

So many of my friends are making so much effort to share the articles on their fb wall or

I couldn’t help appreciate them too much.

Now the only hope is you,and our good common.

Unite and keep fighting.

Column 2 “New conflict”

Anti-nuc side is getting the victory all over the world except for America.

Even in Japan,even by the most moderate news paper took a survey,which proves at least
65% of Japanese are anti-nuc now.

Did someone say ,nothing will change even after 311 ?

Anyway,the bottom line has become “anti-nuc.”

and now the new conflict has started,it’s

decontamination VS evacuation

Dr. Kodama Tatsuhiko became a star because of his outstanding speech at House of


The video went around on the internet.

On the other hand,Mr.Koide from Kyoto university has been predicting what is going to
happen since 311.

He’s a calm,moderate man,but what he pointed out has been always right.

Now both are charisma.

Dr.Kodama claims we should do decontamination.and it’s possible.

Mr.Koide claims decontamination is impossible because you can never change the soil of

The former one sounds more like “pro-nuc”.He believes in technology,and “passion”.

The later one may sound depressing,but might be realistic.

Mr Koide says,polluted food must be consumed by politician,tepco employees,and old
people,but we must save young generation whatever the cost is.

I’m personally for Mr.Koide. I think decontamination is a fantasy.

Einstein said,I have never worried about something,because future comes at light speed.

We will know which one was right soon.


They detected 700Bq/kg from cattle dung in Saitama.
They assume that is because the cows are cesium hay.



5,000 students of 64 schools in Setagaya will go for school trip in Gumma,where is
Normal Geiger counter beeps when it’s higher than 0.3μSv/h.




4/8~7/6,12,000 students of 20 schools were served cesium beef in Fukuoka.
Children can never escape.



9,200 Bq/kg cesium was detected from the garbage ash in Edogawa of Tokyo.
The ash has already flown into the air probably.

Click to access shokyakubai-230806.pdf

(page 2/4)


Mutated crab from Hokkai do.
Scissor from another scissor. 2 scissors from one leg.



It’s been 5 months. Katsushika ku in Tokyo has finally checked sandpit of school or nursery
school and they detected high radiation (0.31uSv/h) and they FINALLY shut them down.



It turned out that they distributed 8650kg of cesium beef in Shizuoka shi and Hamamatsu
shi in total.



Citizens in Niigata claimed tap water tastes strange,7/30 and 7/31.
Local government answered,there is NO problem in tap water.

→ 8/23 ,they detected 1107Bq/kg from the mud of drinking water treatment plant.


Radiation doesn’t taste at all,but we may sense something risky.
At least local government should have tried to check water or abandoned their governing
authority because they can’t.


[Whistle-blowing of an actual fukushima worker]

@KinositaKouta: 福島第一原発の現場作業員より地元民に電話。 「前から言っているが、

As I have been telling you,something is happening in Unit 5 and 6.I don’t know what is
going on because I’m not allowed to go there but please be careful.


Cesium beef was served for lunch at additional 7 schools in Saga.
Nobody makes ZERO effort to save the children.



Cesium beef was served for lunch at addiational 20 schools in Fukuoka.

no words..



Fukushima people got rejected by National hospital organization Tokyo medical center.

This patient has his eye tumor swollen suddenly after 311. He went to Fukushima
prefecture medical university hospital,but doctors rejected to check if it was because of
radiation or not.
For a second opinion,this patient went to National hospital organization Tokyo medical
After a “brief” check ,the doctor of National hospital organization Tokyo medical center
told him to go back to the hospital in Fukushima,he didn’t diagnose anymore. The doctor
rejected seeing him.

Recently,NICU is over capacity because of deformed neonatal infant.Most of them have

obstruction of the small intestine or hydrencephalus.This is a report of a western Japan

→ @KinositaKouta ベラルーシでも、倦怠感を訴えた人たちを低血圧と言うように医師へ指

In Belarus,doctors got an order to diagnose patients of fatigue as “low blood pressure.”



3/11,SPEEDI data was concealed to kill so many people.
It was believed that jp gov concealed the data. but according to the inquiry and answer of
House of Representatives,SPEEDI data was disclosed to Fukushima local government as it
so it was concealed by FUKUSHIMA GOVERNMENT.



3/13,a radiation pollution journalist went to Fukushima,however,his Geiger counter went
over 1mSv/h at 3km area.
It was still 50uSv/h in 50km area.



In Fukushima.80% of the route to and from school is 1uSv/h,9 route to and from school is
Maximum level was 8.17uSv/h.



Brilliant site.
You can choose food based on how far the place is from Fukushima,and how much the
radiation level is in the origin of food.
An online shop.



50,000 people have left Fukushima.
It increased by more than 6,000 since the end of June.
The total population of Fukushima is 2,000,000.

About 9,000 students have evacuated from Fukushima.




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