Follow up news about the man in the camera. (Mochizuki Iori’s daily column from Japan – August 29, 2011)

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The author of the post sent a query to Tepco.

Tepco replied around 6PM 8/29/2011.

Answers from Tepco.

(1) He is not an outsider. He is a Tepoco’s worker,and he’s already identified.

(2) This Area is restricted zone. Outsider cannot enter there.

(3) His action is not “check” nor “inspect”. Not a routine work.

(4) Tepco did not understand what he means.

(5) Tepco warned him for his action which may cause misunderstanding or anxiety.



Now we see it was an unusual occasion as we all felt at the first glance.

However,we must ask ourselves again,why did they think it may cause misunderstanding or anxiety ?
We didn’t misunderstand anything. We did not understand anything actually.

Tepco is afraid of something.

Objectively speaking,if he wanted to mean something,he could have brought a board and written something.
Probably he was checking the camera,so obviously he knew the camera doesn’t catch sound.

and what did we see from the video ?

We couldn’t catch his voice. He couldn’t understand what he was trying to mean.

I guess that is the answer.

He tried to show,he’s voiceless (Nothing he says to his team leader is taken into consideration) ,he’s mad,he’s ready to be punished,but he can send a message to all over the world.

The reason why he didn’t show a message was to prevent Tepco from denying his message.
They can not deny anything because he didn’t say anything.
but he succeeded in sending us a certain “feeling”.

I think the video is epic.

I personally think he wanted to let us know nuc workers are dying of acute symptoms,which is totally concealed.

I would love to hear what you think.


[Tweet of a Fukushima worker]

Happy20790 ハッピー

Recently,they take cars away even from 20km area. They wash the cars at some petrol station or car washer,contamination spreads.
If the current safety limit is acceptable,what have we been following before..


[Actual safety limit is 14Bq/kg]

They lifted selling regulation of tea from Minamiashigara,Kanagwa prefecture.
The “safety” standard of gov is 500bq/kg,but they detected “only” 430bq/kg from the tea leaves at the highest.
Professor,Takeda claims we mustn’t take more than 14bq/kg though there is NO safety limit of internal exposure.

Don’t buy Japanese tea.


[NHK manipulates]

JP PM Kan will resign at the end of August.
In-party election was held today by DPJ.
At the last round,left candidates were Kaieda and Noda.
In the first round and the second roung,Kaieda had the most votes.

However,during the election,NHK reported Mr.Mabuchi,who is one of the most powerful politician in DPJ, is not supporting kaieda.

Having this news report,votes started to flow to Noda side.
As the result,Kaieda lost.(kaieda 177 ,Noda 215)

After the election,NHK corrected their own news report.
“Mr.Mabuchi was supporting Kaideda,the report that Mr.Mabuchi was not supporting Kaieda was an error”.

However,this election result will never be corrected. Noda will be the next JP PM.
and Kaieda was near anti-nuc.

Let’s call them down.
NHK 0570-066-066


[Tweet from a Niigata citizen]

Kana Tomi
@hanayuu 十日町出身です。先日のニュースで市内の保育所の敷地内で2万7千Bqが検出されたとありました。ここは山からの雪解け水で稲作をしています。山の除染は不可能です。3月中旬の線量の高かった南魚沼、十日町の米の汚染は福島並みかもしれませんね・・・。

I’m from Tokaichimachi. I heard the news to tell they detected 27,000bq in a nursery school.
We produce rice with water from the mountains ,where you can never decontaminate. In mid March,radiation level was really high in Minamiuonuma,where is the biggest rice breadbasket.Rice from here might be as polluted as Fukushima.


[Tweet from a Fukushima citizen]

憲法違反や! RT @_KnZ: 原発から80kmの農家 大沢さん「自分の体がどれくらい放射能被曝しているか検査したかった。だが福島大学には拒否された。市民の検査はしないと。友人は隣の件の病院に問い合わせた。ところが福島県知事から福島県民の診察を受け入れないように指示されてた」

It’s totally against the national constitution.Mr.Osawa,living in 80km area from the plants,wanted to know how much he’s been exposed so he went to Fukushima university,but they rejected checking him.They say they don’t check Fukushima citizen.His friend went to a hospital in the next prefecture.However,the hospital was ordered not to see Fukushima citizens by Fukushima mayor.


[Documentary of a German TV channel,ZDF]

A Fukushima farmer living 80km away from the plants.He brought his agricultural products to the checking institution of the prefecture but they turned it down saying they are too occupied. He brought it to a private institution.They detected 7,000bq/kg.They also detected 53,000bq/kg from the rice field,which is as 7 times much as even Japanese safety limit.
It’s not even food.It’s radioactive waste.


[Do NEVER eat rice.]

They detected 25,226bq/kg of cesium from the rice field of 20km area.


[Fukushima is becoming the dead land]

JP PM Kan is going to make a interim storage facility of radioactive waste in Fukushima.They will be kept there for about 40 years.


[Don’t trust local governments]

Though they detect high level of radiation from farm,it’s not the honest data yet.
They dig the ground and check the soil about 15cm deep in the ground,so they can report the lower level of radiation.
Also,Fukushima rice farmers are already purchasing the bags with the other prefectures labels.They will sell their cesium rice with the deceptive labels.
Even in Tokyo,they detect 460bq/kg from the ground.In Chernobyl,Germany decontaminate it and reduce it to 90bq/kg.

Time is coming.


[Tepco doesn’t change]


[Message from a citizen in Ibaraki]

“My kid goes to a kindergarten.They held a “field trip”(stay at kindergarten for one night,like a camp) the other day.It’s an important event,they keep the health condition of the children well.My kid was fine actually.
However,30 kids of 90 children called in sick that day.Even kids who attended had fever.Other children looked sick too.Teachers say,it has never happened in the past 20 years.
They say recently children frequently have fever for a week ,again and again. Even my kid had nosebleed.He told me he has nosebleed very often,nothing rare recently.
Some children had swollen lymph glands.When they go to a clinic,doctors say,it’s not epidemic parotiditis. My kid has had swollen lymph glands too,but it wasn’t a bad fever.
I have never experienced such a thing,I’m very shocked.


[Do never trust “experts”]

“Mr.100mSv”,Yamashita Shunichi “corrected” his own comment,”100mSv was wrong,it’s 10mSv.” last week.
However,he forgot his own correction again and gave a speech in Fukuoka ,8/27/2011.
He said,”Even if you are exposed to 100mSv,it doesn’t cause any problem.”

Of course,his family is in Kyushu.


[Inside Fukushima]

The young journalist Obara Kazuma took pictures of the fukushima plants.


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