A man in the Fukushima camera. (Mochizuki Iori’s daily column from Japan – August 28, 2011)

Mochizuki Cheshire Iori A Civil Engineer (27 years old) living in Yokohama. Also exports Japanese pop culture goods. Fukushima Diary is his daily summary of events as they unfold, also his picks from Japanese media and other social media.. Readers can catch up with him on DiaNuke.org’s Facebook group.

On 8/28/2011,10:00~11:00AM,a man in the protective clothing appeared in Fukushima live

He came from beside unit 4,walked straight toward the camera.

He raised his right arm and pointed at the camera.

He was having something in his left hand. He checked it sometimes,but hold the right arm
straight to the camera.

The camera doesn’t catch sound,so we don’t know what he was saying,but he looked like
he was speaking.

then he came right in front of the camera,with his right hand pointing at “us” still.

He maybe mumbled something and left out of the sight.

He was in the camera for about 20 mins.

Nobody knows what was his intention.It might have been just a camera check.but maybe

From my personal observation,he was very angry.

When he showed up just in front of the camera,we can see his face though most of the
facial parts are hidden by his right hand.

His eye brows got close,made a crease between one’s brows.

His eye lids are lifted. This is a typical expression of anger.

At 1:35,I feel like I can see his mesophryon raised for instance,which means sorrow.

At 1:36,I feel like I can see his left eye brow is slightly lifted,which means contempt.

However,these two facial expressions disappear immediately. I guess these two feelings
were something that he should have oppressed.

I think he was holding a phone in his left hand.He was watching the camera to check where
he stood in the sight. He once adjusted his position to the center.
Maybe he was watching the camera and the his “speech” memo on the phone.

If so,it’s not iPhone. You can not see the Fukushima camera with iPhone. so it’s likely that
his phone is the one with android.

He took a moment before showing up in front of the camera. I think he was searching for
the right place to stand so he can be in the middle of the sight.

He hides his phone from the sight then.He might have wanted to hide the type of this phone
so they can not identify him.

If so,he knows he is doing what he’s not supposed to do. Now we can deny the possibility
of that he was just conducting the camera test.

From the beginning to the end,it looks very much like he has been planning very carefully.

I think he wasn’t meant to express something to “us”. If he wanted to warn us some
unreported risk,he could have used gesture.
but he was holding his right arm for 20 mins.
Pointing finger toward someone is a very aggressive sign in Japan. I think it was a
condemnation or a threat to Tepco or gov etc..

Anyway,we can’t help assuming and assuming.

I left a comment on the youtube video.

“If you wanted to mean something,please take the next action.”

I’m waiting for his response.



The moment when a Fukushima citizen have nosebleed.


After 311,Tsunami victims were sent to the hospital in Futabayama cho.
Having the plants blasted,medical staff escaped and patients were left in the hospital.
A couple of days later ,they came back to the hospital.45 out of 231 people were found
They might have been sick ,injured ,or starving. However,when they were sent to the
hospital first,they were not in a serious state.

20% is a massive death rate. Isn’t there a possibility of acute exposure symptom ?


In Ichikawa shi,Chiba,they started burning 12,380t of rubble from North Japan as of 8/17.

and today,someone checked radiation in Ichikawa.

CPM is jumping up 10 times higher than before.

and other places in Kanto are totally normal.


I found they hide something on the Fukuichi camera.
It’s the top left part,under the logo of (C)The Tokyo Electric Power Company.



A famous Japanese comedian,Shimada Shinsuke resigned before the day when Steve
Jobs quit.
The reason was supposed to be “He was involved in Yakuza.”

However,he and his wife flew to Okinawa immediately. They brought all the furniture.
They seem to live in Okinawa.(..evacuation ?)



In Chernobyl,at the village of Turkey,where is 1300km away from the plant,all of the babies
born in the next year died of Leukemia.
In this area,the next year of Chernobyl,1987 ,17 babies were born.They all died of
Leukemia in late 90s.



Mutated sunflower.
3m high.It never grow this big in Japan.



In Kochi prefecture,they deceived the label of origin.
They labelled Gunma cabbage as from Tokushima or Kochi.



Answers of Yokohama city government for the petitions like below

Please use “safe/clean” food for school lunch.
Please tell us why you think sold food is safe.
Please serve food from west Japan.
Please check all the food,everyday before you serve for school lunch.
Please check milk.
Please tell us why you use Fukushima beef.
Please tell us how you will take responsibility for the student’s internal exposure.
and more..

>We are not able to accept your request.(for all the petitions.)
We recognize all the food sold in the market as safe,because they are checked when they
are distributed.
We will try our best. Thank you.(for all the petitions.)

→Leave Japan.



Expert,”At least 40% of the citizens around the plants should have taken Iodine.They ended
up taking unnecessary risk of thyroid cancer.”



In Fukushima,the word of “Fresh radiation” is becoming trendy for young mothers.
They know new radiation fall out to the ground everyday even if they decontaminate the
They estimate the whole decontamination costs 800 trillion yen.Those people rationally
think they need to spend it on moving to other places.



More 8764 students were forced to eat cesium beef in Yokohama.



[Tweet of a Tokyo citizen]

Acquaintance evacuated from Sendai to Tokyo on 3/15. Their 10 years old daughter has
nose bleed every 2 days.has cold frequently. went to a doctor and he diagnosed she has
internal exposure. She is going to have a complete check up soon.
They had arrived at Tokyo on 3/15. If the reason of internal exposure was Tokyo food,other
children may have it too .. ?

Sohello0904 宗 祥子
到着は3月15日。内部被爆は 東京での食べ物のせい?だとしたら、同様の症状は多くの子


[First victory of the internet]

The murderer,”Dr.” Yamashita Shunichi,who said radiation will not affect happy smiley
people,lost his position. He resigned the radiation advisory post of Fukushima.
This is a small,but a great step for human-beings.

Ani2525 御堂岡啓昭



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