Merchant of Death

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How many know that the Manhattan project/Atomic bomb was directed by the US Army Corps of Engineers from 1942 to 1946?

Did you know in 1939 Albert Einstein warned President Franklin D. Roosevelt that Naz Germany planned to develop nuclear weapons?  That was the birth of fear and paranoia regarding “THE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.” Today such a program would cost $24.4 billion. Oppenheimer’s “Destroyer of the Worlds” began expensively, in secrecy, isolation, in the separation of employees and scientists spread over 30 sites from Oak Ridge, TN to Los Alamos,NM.

Carol Anne Russell
Retired from a diversity of careers: librarian, teacher in a traditional Mohawk school on Akwesasne Reservation, corrections, Mental health tech., paralegal. Mother of three grown children. Three Grand children: all girls. Born in the Adirondack Mountains in Northern New York, lived in several other states during my life but returned to Nature’s Beauty.

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I was born into the Atomic Age in 1944, into a world of promise and change, the sublime and horrific. The first test of a plutonium, uranium-enriched bomb detonated at Alamagordo,NM in 1945, named “Little Boy”. Later that year Hiroshima was bombed follwed by an implosion-type, named “Fat Boy”, on Nagasaski. The arms race began with Intelligence gathering on the Germans – now, it’s all pervasive!

In 1947, the United States Atomic Energy Commission was initiated, glimpsing Oppenheimer’s “I am become Death” unfoldment.  Dupont became the prime Contractor assigning sites near water sources necessary in cooling the reactors.
The Hanford site in the state of Washington was pivotal because railroads connected the reactors from South to North with the Columbia river their life-blood. Thus began espionage, Intelligence Agencies, wars, depletion of the ozone layer, a voracious Industrial Military Complex mushrooming into an all-encompassing Nuclear industry.

Fast forward to Fukushima and J. Robert Oppenheimer’s, “I am become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds,” was proven to be prophetic.

From Los Alamos to Oak Ridge, from the atom bomb testing in Nevada to the Bikini Atolls, from the nuclear subs to the mega-accumulation of spent fuel/nuclear waste, from Nagasaki and Hiroshima, from Chernobyl to Three-Mile Island, from all the covered-up nuclear “at-no-time-was-the-public-in-any-danger” accidents to Fukushima, from Ft. Calhoun to Vermont Yankee, from Diablo Canyon to Los Alamos, Oppenheimer’s “I AM BECOME DEATH, THE DESTROYER OF THE WORLDS” has come full-circle.

Today the planet is held in the vise-grip of the gluttonous Nuclear Industry devouring BILLIONS in profit as it erases all who breathe.




DiaNuke breaks the unwritten rule: “One needs to be an expect on Nuclear Power to voice an opinion”.  Here the unfiltered, unedited voice of citizens around the world sounds loud and clear.


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